PS3Home: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

PS3Home: "Graphically speaking, both FFX and FFX-2 look utterly, well…..fantastic."

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darlingharbour1734d ago

I am so excited for this remaster! This is my favorite Final Fantasy game and I played this start to finish at least 7 times.

I loved everything about this game and I have been waiting since they announced this title was in pre-production!

Simply cannot wait!

Lovable1734d ago

LOL weak sauce! I've played this game every year ever since it got released...I preordered this fool the moment it got announced and I'm excited as hell to pick up my copy.

Hellsvacancy1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Same as that dude, I really can't wait, i'm actually slightly more excited for this than I am Dark Souls 2 (that I got today) for different reasons

It's the soundtrack that worries me, I have so many fond memories of the original soundtrack I was fairly annoyed to learn they have updated it to make it sound fresher, it depends on what it's like, i've heard little bits that didn't sound too bad, they should of gave us the option to switch, it isn't like a bluray disk isn't big enough

The special edition should turn up on Friday, gonna be torn between FFX and DS2 for the next month/two

borntodie0071733d ago

I am playing the jap import right now and i can say the soundtrack is superb as ever. I am 16 hours in and i noticed the gfx is noticeably improved over the upscaled emulated version i have on my PC. You won't be disappointed.

rawshack1733d ago

Hey bro how long dose it take to finsh ?

Pozzle1723d ago

The main story will last about 20-30 hours (and much longer if you do all the side-quests).