Target Selling Repackaged PS4 Consoles for $280

If you want to get a PS4 but you don’t want to spend the whole $399 pricetag, Target may have a deal for you.

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darthv721734d ago

My first thought is, why would Target be selling repackaged PS4's?

My second is, does the one near me have any? Stopping on my way home to find out.

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nukeitall1734d ago

My first thought was, if PS4s are so scarce, wouldn't these go for a lot more?

Used consoles tend to go for closer to their retail value, let alone a supposed out of stock one.

buttclown1734d ago

Maybe they are refurbished?

SilentNegotiator1734d ago

"My first thought was, how can I warp this into PS4 not being in demand, being the massive troll that I am?"


zeph941734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Hey silent negotiator, I own a PS4 and what nuke said makes sense so don't be a dick. The price is oddly low for one that's probably in decent and working condition. Not too long ago the only PS4 I could find was around $800.

frostypants1733d ago

Because major retailers aren't going to fleece you like some scumbag on Ebay would. Sony probably wouldn't let them if they tried.

Visiblemarc1733d ago

Yeah, no. A major retailer isn't going to sell refurbs for full price. Especially another company's product. Apple can sell refurbs too high, because if it's turd, they literally just toss you another. The service matches the price.

VforVideogames1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

This ps4s are from people that bought one thinking it was the smart choice but took them back one week latter after they started collecting dust.

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AndrewLB1734d ago

If anyone lives in SoCal and are in the market to buy a PS4... they are IN STOCK at Target in Cypress, CA for $399. They might also have some of these super inexpensive refurbs.

Titanpete1734d ago

Wow nice price. At that price they will not take long to sell out. They are selling out at full price.

webeblazing1733d ago

"My second is, does the one near me have any?"
lmao exactly

bennissimo1733d ago

Still $275 too expensive, considering the PS4's current lineup of games.

ShowGun9011733d ago

I was actually at a Target last month, checking out, and noticed a returned PS4. I inquired about it, and the cashier said that she couldn't resell it. The only companies that won't allow the resale of opened stock (thru target) is Sony and Apple. (and one other that for the life of me i cant remember LOL)

Sony must have changed their policy on this, allowing them to sell returned items directly. The cashier told me opened electronics usually sold at a steep discount, and are usually gone before the end of the day. my (ps4-less) friend was offering full price for it and she said it wasn't allowed. maybe its costing more to ship them back than to just let them go at a bit of a loss?


rainslacker1733d ago

Anything returned is checked to see if it's working. If it is, Sony can give the go ahead to resell it at a reduce price. The retailer gets a rebate basically, so they're probably still making the money on it. It costs more to pay for shipping and repackaging at the manufacturer, so some bigger retailers have deals like this set up.

If it's broken, they typically send it back to the manufacturer for reimbursement, unless the manufacturer doesn't want it.

As to your 2nd thought, these are likely just as hard to find as the new PS4's. I'd buy a 2nd one at that price, since I could return it right away if it wasn't working when I got home.

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XiSasukeUchiha1734d ago

$280.00 for repacking PS4s good deal

SilentNegotiator1734d ago

I don't normally buy used hardware because I'm always worried something might be wrong with it, but for a 30% price reduction, I'm tempted.

But then again, I haven't seen a lot of places with any PS4s what-so-ever, so finding a repackaged one at a local Target might not even be possible in my area.

rainslacker1733d ago

I wouldn't mind if I could return it to the store if it didn't work. Also wouldn't mind if I could put a 2 year Sony replacement or in-store warranty on it, as it's still likely to be cheaper than a new one with the standard warranty.

Defective units are likely returned. Read somewhere a while back that more than 60% of electronics are returned due to buyer's remorse, with the excuse of "it doesn't work" being the most common reason for the return.

HeavenlySnipes1734d ago

Going to a target tomorrow

Holy shit

neoandrew1733d ago

Tomorrow there won't be left any, man this is a steal.

demonddel1734d ago

Wait what ps fans are turning in the almighty ps4 don't believe it

Sly-Lupin1734d ago

It always happens.

New game comes out an idiots buy it because of hype.
Then they realize there are no games worth playing and they sell it.
Then they buy it again 2-ish years later when it does have games.

Because they're idiots.

InTheZoneAC1734d ago

stores are not supposed to return opened electronics unless it's for a replacement of the same it prevents free rentals...

ThatArtGuy1733d ago

That rule applies to software, not hardware.

DC7771733d ago

A friend offered me his for 300 the other day. People have no patience these days.

bennissimo1733d ago

Exactly why I got my X1. I saw the PS4's release schedule and it scared the hell out of me.

I look forward to getting a PS4 when The Order drops later this year, but not before. There's just no point.

nycgamer4ever1733d ago


stop trolling dude. name all the "great" games you have to play on xboxone. there is way more to play on ps4, they might not be your cup of tea but come on now doesn't mean it isn't there. Now that titanfall is out whats next, an inferior version of a Multi-Platform game?

rainslacker1733d ago

When I was younger I turned in all sorts of systems and games to get the thing I wanted at the moment. Ended up spending a lot more. But I was young and stupid, but had a job at 13 and too much disposable income. I still see the same thing at times when I go into GameStop. It's not necessarily idiocy, just lack of restraint and patience.

All video games and consoles are subject to this, regardless of their time on the market and their selection of games.

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arkard1734d ago

Or someone bought 10 of them hoping to make a profit by price gouging and it didnt work out so they returned them.

demonddel1734d ago

Makes no sense what you just said refurbished is not brand new system it's use systems that's in good condition that they can resell

johny51734d ago

if I didn't already have one I would get one!

Boody-Bandit1734d ago

I have one and I'm still going to check my local Target tomorrow.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Amazon had the same deal for like 5 minutes yesterday. They had about 10 used "very good" condition PS4s for $277. I bought a day one PS4 but I couldn't resist that price and bought another one. I had a chance to buy more but for some reason I didn't, and now I'm kicking myself. Strange they were so cheap. They also had a few X1s without Kinect for $375 but I passed. What do you suppose I should do with my second one? Sell it or hook it up to my other TV?

Boody-Bandit1734d ago

I'd hook it up to another TV but that's just me. You could probably sell it for $350 if not more.

I have a PS4 for my game room but eventually will add 1 to my media room and theater as well.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1734d ago

Thanks for your input, I think I'll hang on to it for a while and if one of my friends wants it for $360-$370 I'll sell it. Here's a screenshot of the shipping email for anyone who doesn't believe me.

Boody-Bandit1734d ago

I guess I should check Amazon more frequently. I usually go there once a day. Time to up that to several times per day.

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