Is Titanfall the Xbox One’s Saviour?

Karl Dodds writes: "So Titanfall just launched on the Xbox One and PC and will follow suit on the Xbox 360 in a matter of weeks. As Microsoft’s latest flagship console is lagging behind the PS4 by a couple million units, it begs the question: Is Titanfall really the Xbox One’s saviour?"

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Senyra1733d ago

Probablys yes or so far, yes.

MorePowerOfGreen1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Xbox One exclusive games, system software and services are Xbox One's saviours, not to mention gamers getting sick of the anti Xbox bandwagon propaganda.

DoesUs1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

"Im buying an XB1 for $500 because of its operating system".

You should be put down.

Gamers are not getting sick, unless you mean the XB1 gamers over on Misterxmedia then yes, I agree. I use the term gamers loosely.

Garethvk1733d ago

It is keeping it in the media but honestly you can play it on PC and 360 so not a game to buy the Xbox One for.

Axios21733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


X1 sells more than 2x PS1 at 10 months

more than PS2 at 7 months

more than PS3 at 4 months

All this according to the numbers SONY PROVIDED to show how well PS4 is doing in 57 countries.

Guess that means X1 is doing outstanding in just 13 countries then.

but needs a savior, lol

stuna11733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

You all keep using that 57 country argument, and it is flimsy as HELL!

Regardless of how many more countries the PS4 has released in compared to the Xbox1, it would have made little to no difference at all! Example if Microsoft had already released in Japan, what impact would it have made compared to the PS4? Quick answer, little to none. Take the other countries Sony has released in as opposed to Microsoft not yet released in, and the same scenario will undoubtably play itself out.

A lot of the countries the PS4 has released in, Microsoft has no market penetration whatsoever! Microsoft has released in the 13 countries it has, simply because those 13 countries make up the bulk of its brand recognition or, the areas where Microsoft feels the Xbox1 has a better chance of selling well.

Why do you think there has been little to no mention of launching in other countries!? One of their big reasoning was because of Kinects language recognition being a issue, but they haven't spoken on that subject since launch.

Just because you choose to be gullible, doesn't mean everyone else around you chooses to be gullible right along with you.


Your're sitting there arguing semantics! My argument hold plenty of water.

1) Why do you think Microsoft have release countries designated as tiers? Plain and simple, Microsoft plans where to release the Xbox1 in countries that are most important to their goal first! Hence the first designation being tier 1, next countries not as viable to to their ultimate goal, but welcomed! Hence second designation tier 2, then we have the countries least important to their ultimate goal! Tier 3 which is there least important countries

2) I never said they wouldn't sell consoles! I said it would make little to no difference in how many countries they haven't released in as of yet.

3) With all the stock still present in their tier 1 countries, why haven't they as of yet at least attempted to pool the excess to at least start supplying stock for the other tier countries?

theWB271733d ago


You're argument would hold water if it made sense. Releasing in more countries most likely WOULDN'T put the X1 on even ground.

Not releasing in those other countries means it's one less sale it could potentially have.

Regardless...if Micro had released in more countries that would mean at LEAST one more sale and that counts.

All those X1's that people keep saying are just sitting in stores could have POTENTIALLY been sold had it been sitting in another, unreleased, territory. Simple as that.

OrangePowerz1733d ago

Saying that the console needs a saviour at the moment is a bit over the top. I'm certainly not a fan of the console, but it's not doing that bad.

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