The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Fix the Load Screen Freeze Bug

One of the most bothersome bugs found during The Elder Scrolls Online beta is the load screen freeze. Despite Bethesda’s efforts to fix the issue, the bug is still live and affecting many players in the last beta event. However, there are a few steps that you can do to temporarily resolve this issue.

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PeaSFor1740d ago

didnt had this bug, but was seriously annoyed by the infamous UI bug.

MRMagoo1231740d ago

Best way to avoid the bugs is to not play it at all imo, one not THE worst mmo out but pretty boring fast.

Blasphemy1740d ago

anyone else have an opinion on this game? dont want to waste my time downloading it if its boring.

KrisButtar1740d ago

I like it, its got nothing on a Elder Scrolls game and just when you almost get the elder scrolls feeling a MMO mechanic kicks you in the teeth. I would guess its ok for a MMO but its only the 2nd MMO I've played for more than 5 mins and I have to say its better than FF14.

MRMagoo1231740d ago

I have given it a few goes and its just bland, its meat and 2 veg bland with no salt or pepper. Hope that helps.

pandehz1740d ago

Uninstall is a damn fine fix.