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Titanfall is a flawed game that winds up being greater than the sum of its parts.

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ValKilmer1740d ago

I find it funny that this game is turning out to not be as good as Call of Duty: Ghosts when everybody said it would kill it.

LogicLee1740d ago

Nothing haunts like Ghosts. Even Dan Akroyd knows this.

Straight and on point review though.

Fireseed1740d ago

Using the phrase "turning out" after the game has been launched kinda outs you as someone who hasn't played it yet to form your own opinion. And simply looking at numbers to determine a games value... yeah usually I'd make a statement but I think it speaks well enough for itself.

ValKilmer1740d ago

A game like this can't be judged immediately at launch as other criteria needs to first come into play such as fan reception, server strength and replay value. That's why I said "turning out"

MxRBrobaFett1740d ago

Your opinion kind of reminds me of Val Kilmer. Old, fat, and no one cares about it

Simco8761740d ago

Syfy shooter compared to modern shooter? Shouldn't be compared, but CoD is a snooze fest dude. This at least gives the genre some fresh air.

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No_Limit1740d ago

A flawed game that is still 4/5? I'll take that every time mate. BTW, it plays flawlessly for me thus far. Maybe it is just me.