Amazon Android Console Could Lead to a Revolution in Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: The controller for Amazon's console is shaping up fine so far. While it's definitely got some minor issues in theory, holding it in the hands and seeing how it works in execution is going to be the key to telling how good it winds up working out. Hopefully, they're as receptive as OUYA was to criticism and actually make some changes to it after release to address concerns and ensure it's the best it can be.

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ValKilmer1733d ago

Just like Ouya, right?

At least they led to a revolution of having a booth across the street from E3 in a shipping crate.

Godmars2901733d ago

I know right!

Least bit of news, and game "journalist" are ready to make it into something. A whole revolution when they're just as likely trying to get a slice of gaming pie by the least means like all other publishers.

RyanShutup1733d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

LogicLee1733d ago

Ouya anyone? That had heaps of money behind it too.

desertpunk861733d ago

that's a onlive controller you dumb dumbs.

ValKilmer1733d ago

Isn't it just a mock-up using the OnLive pad as proof of concept?

xJumpManx1733d ago

Least they got the analog stick placement right.

ValKilmer1733d ago

Yeah, at least it's not the Steam controller. Good lord is that thing a wreck...

SteamPowered1733d ago

I'll give the steam controller a try. I wanna see how accurately and comfortably it can replace the kb/m.

curtis921733d ago

You have asymmetrical hands?

Stick891733d ago

Thank you, I love when people try and tell me the Xbox sticks are more natural. You're hands are not asymmetrical...stop it. The thing about the dualshocks 1-3 that make it uncomfortable for people isn't that the sticks are right next to each other, it's that they we're too close to the center of the controller and needed to be put further apart, towards the edge (see PS4's controller). That extra bit of space really helps!

kwyjibo1733d ago

Yeah, because having both sticks in the wrong position somehow makes the DualShock better.

Have you tried the DS4? They changed the handle bits, I thought it was to make it so your thumbs sit naturally over the thumbsticks, but they actually sit even more naturally over the dpad now.

When the original playstation controller came out, without the thumbsticks, they placed the buttons in the best position possible.

The buttons are still in the best position possible, but the sticks have never been. Still, at least with the DS4, they're a bit further apart.

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The story is too old to be commented.