UK Weekly, 8th March 2014

XOne 8,889 (+11%)
PS4 6,601 (-15%)
3DS 5,676 (+4%)
X360 3,093 (-0%)
PS3 2,688 (+2%)
WiiU 2,225 (-13%)
PSV 1,985 (+1%)
Wii 331 (+11%)
PSP 88 (-15%)

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BelkingOfSony1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

PS4 - 6601 (-15%)

Edit - anyone reading this and thinking 'why am I commenting the ps4 figures', geobros forgot to include it when submitting the news.

lolCHILLbro1735d ago ShowReplies(2)
faysal1735d ago

xbox is cheapper then ps4 right now in the uk. and ps4 hardly has any stock. so not surprised

Kane221735d ago

the funny thing is. certain people will deny the temporary price drop. which has been happening leading up to the launch

FriedGoat1735d ago

I live in the UK, Went to GAME shop today, they said only 11 people turned up for the midnight Titanfall launch and only 2 people bought it by 3pm the same day (2 hours before closing). Really doubt it will be a blip on the radar.

abzdine1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

PS4 disappearing from the shelves is the reason to this.
weak numbers overall in the UK don't people play games over there?

MGSV and inFamous bundles next week will give a blow to those sales.

EasilyTheBest1735d ago

I don't get why everyone keeps repeating that there's hardly any stock of the PS4.
I'm in the UK in Wales. Its available in each of these stores.


There's also 3 PS4s in my local Cash Generator plus 1 just across the road at Cash Converters.

Its been like that for weeks!

I constantly ask while I am out shopping and they Always have them in stock. I know there's obviously different stock in different areas, but I really am beginning to wonder.

SmielmaN1735d ago

I can't believe these guys that are actually scouting for consoles so they can troll their results on n4g. Really kinda sad when you think about it....

-Superman-1735d ago

590 euros for Xbox One, 400 euros for PS4, and both are stock!!! I just checked!!! STOP LYING

Smoey1735d ago

My local Sainsburys has 10+ Xbox ones and no PS4s. I'm in the middle of no where too.

scott1821735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Titanfall made the X1 jump over Sony and Nintendo. But Sales are very low for all for some reason...

Gamer19821734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@EasilyTheBest stop being such a liar and saying everywhere has stock.. I live in UK and its extremly hard ot get a console stores do get them in stock but they almost immediately go out of stock..
compared to the xbox one
I had to get literately sit and wait at my computer waiting for Argos to reset there stock count on website and reserve it before they went dry again (all 10 local stores went dry within an hour each store getting like 5 of each bundle/solus). Was a nightmare to get my PS4 and took me 2 weeks of trying to get hold of one.. If it doesn't then you got lucky or bought an overpriced bundle.

As for cash convertors they have stock as they sell for like £410 for a console with no games (preowned!) as they know nobody has stock.
Perfect example of a second hand store in the UK like cash convertors/generator.

calis1734d ago

"I constantly ask while I am out shopping and they Always have them in stock. "

You probably need a life.

Izzy4081734d ago

So people just buy whichever console is cheaper and available right? Ok.

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medziarz1735d ago

Just checked, PS4 is out of stock at What's going on Sony?! :)

MRMagoo1231735d ago Show
AceBlazer131735d ago

Wth happened in the UK that week? No one bought anything.

vergilxx31734d ago

Yeah I live in UK But Im polish
And Im surprised that people in UK don't play video games
there is hardly any ps4 sock in GAME and not may games for ps vita it's soo lame

SilentNegotiator1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Here it is. They're making a big deal out of it outselling Ps4 in a much smaller region but aren't here. Sorry, didn't realize that calling out trolls was a bad thing now.

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stuna11735d ago

This could be directly attributed to TitanFall release, which is probably also why the Xbox1 numbers were as high as they were in the U.S.

Because the actual numbers could actually come in at the tail end of the reporting period!

4Sh0w1735d ago

No more likely the price drop on X1 because it was even more than $100 USD expensive in the UK, at about $130 USD, they cut the price to make it closer to the cost difference in the US.

Eonjay1735d ago

Agreed. It is ludicrous to insist that a massive price cut wouldn't have an impact on sales. This makes perfect sense. Assuming that people are holding out for Titanfall, this could go up even more next week. I wont be surprised if it ships at least 15k. At this point, I wouldn't expect it to pass PS4 anytime soon, but it may be able to close the gap, or at least keep it from growing for a few weeks.

Bigpappy1735d ago

Agree with 4Show and Eonjay. These numbers are most likely due to the price drop, which will still have an impact in the coming weeks, and the Titan Falls impact should push it even higher in the next couple of weekly reports.

Even if there are PS4 shortages, that doesn't remove the fact that X1 sales increased 11% and why keep making excuses for why PS4 sales are dropping when they have had no compelling game releases since launch. Most people buy consoles to play games their are interested in playing I thought.

Infamous is coming soon, it that game has a lot of interest for people who have not yet made the jump, but were waiting for something they really want to play, this might be the game that moves those numbers back up. But yea, its good hyped games that will move console, 1080p on is own is not a reason to buy a console, you need fun games to play or it will just sit there.

ZeroX98761735d ago

I don`t know if it`s because I got a great gaming PC (that I've build myself), but I like getting the most performance for the price.

Seeing the performance of both consoles, I bought a PS4 first at 400$.

The price drop of the X1 really helped it seems, combine this with Titanfall, MS is up to a better start. I didn`t buy an X1 at launch, but if they continue to release great titles, I may consider buying one :)

HurtfulTimez1735d ago

Its mainly down to limited ps4 stock in the uk, even sony said people would struggle to find a ps4 until april

Sitdown1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I gather some people might disagree because you come off as a lemming when you repeat what Sony says about stock when people are verifying stock for themselves. Then you have to consider, where all in the UK has Microsoft actually launched...

Or I could be wrong, and people are simply disagreeing because they don't like you.

Eonjay1735d ago

I believe its a combination of this an several other factors including the price drop and the Titanfall hype machine.

Kribwalker1735d ago

Titanfall won't count until next weeks for all of console bundles ect

Hicken1735d ago

It's already counting, at least partially.

Death1735d ago

I think what Kribwalker is saying is we need to wait until the numbers for the week that Titanfall actually released to see the impact it had. The Titanfall bundle would be the SKU people waited for.

Gamer19821734d ago

Erm no you could buy then and you got a code for titanfall. You just couldn't download until launch. They were dispatching them earlier to get numbers up however..

FITgamer1735d ago

Limited stock, Sony already said if you wanted a PS4 in March in UK, you'll more than likely have to wait for Infamous bundle.

Kiwi661735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

TF wasn't even out so it isn't included

Gamer19821734d ago

Wrong TF bundles were still being sold plus the price drop was already in place. Even though TF wasnt out you could still buy the console and register the game as its a digital copy. You just couldn't download until launch.

stuna11735d ago

People act like there's no such thing as buying a console in preparation of a game! Then when released picking up the game. Same principle.

I brought my PS4 before I brought any games! So how is that a stretch? When I'm positive I'm not the only one.

Minato-Namikaze1735d ago

But why not wait for the titanfall bundle that comes with titanfall for the same price

Sitdown1735d ago

Ummm, I think most people bought PlayStation 4s for this reason.... For me, there was not a must have game at launch..

Death1735d ago

This is unique to Playstation gamers. It also hurts the companies bottom line. The worst thing you can do as a fan is buy the hardware that Sony takes a loss on and then not buy software to help them out.

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Axios21735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

So much for PS4 outselling X1 5 to 1

and TitanFall hasn't even gone on sale at this point

Edit...Don't look now but I think lolCHILLbro is having a tantrum...chill bro and #dealwithit

Kayant1735d ago

"So much for PS4 outselling X1 5 to 1" - It wasn't even doing that in UK. Nice try spinning there as usual.

Worldwide sales/EU sales is a different matter ;)

March/April will be interesting to see how much TF helped/helps XB1 sell hardware vs I:SS.

Evilsnuggle1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

You make me laugh so insecure it shows that how desperate you xbone fanBoys Are.
Did you look at the rest of Europe sales for PS4 and X1. You were right no PS4 is no longer out selling the X1 5 to 1 . But look at the Europe numbers it's still out selling the x1 almost 3 to 1 in Europe.
The PS4 is still out selling the x1 2 to 1 worldwide PS4 123,702 x1 67,344 . Wow the x1 out sale PS4 U.K by 2000 but get out sold by almost 60000 worldwide and the xboiz are doing back flips,touchdown dance and high fiving each other.

MRMagoo1231735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


You do know lolCHILLbro is an xbone fantard like you right ? he was being sarcastic, i always get a good laugh when xbone fannies attack each other, you would think they would know each other scent or something.

scott1821735d ago

lol, that was pretty funny.

Lucreto1735d ago

I love to know where they get their numbers.

I use the Amazon best sellers as a guide to see trends. Here the Titanfall bundle just in the last day or so got out of being stuck in the top 30 to about 18 on release day. The PS4 has been in the top 15 even though it is out of Stock.

The current trend is it is not a system seller and only people who bought the console already are buying it. Zavvi are the same. Titanfall in number one and the console no where to be seen on the listing.

Death1735d ago

It's funny how no one questions why PS4's are hard to find until the next fiscal quarter. The system isn't sold out. Sony isn't shipping them.

morganfell1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Look at these Amazon numbers. Funny how Sony is outselling everyone when they are not shipping.

I just looked at the cumulative video games sales on Amazon for the month of March as of March 15 at 8:37PM. This includes both hardware and software sales totals for the first 15 days. The PS4 is at number 1. The closest X1 is the Titanfall bundle at number 11. There are no other X1s in the top 20. Of the top 10 slots, 7 of those are Sony products. So for those people that were thinking the few days before launch would show a massive surge of X1 purchases that would over whelm the didn't happen at Amazon.

And if you go look at Gamestop, the PS4 still owns the top two slots and the Titanfall bundle has dropped to 28.

imt5581735d ago

What a pathetic sale numbers!!!