Brand Loyalty Is Killing The Gaming Community

Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants says:

"Fan boys, console wars and blind hatred. These were all things that were absent years ago in the gaming community compared to what we endure on a daily basis on the internet. Why is this so present in the gaming community today? Why do people adamantly defend a big corporation? Why did the gaming community turn to this sort of thing? In this video I dive into just that."

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SCW19821736d ago

Sorry but they have never been absent everyone just has a online voice now instead of picking fights on the playground between Nintendo and Sega.

imXify1736d ago

I was about to say the same thing. Internet.

darthv721736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

brand loyalty is understandable to a point. Like you have had such good luck with a car mfg or you like a certain mfg of tv. But that type of loyalty is where you generally keep to yourself and you arent out there harping on how every other brand sucks.

Even (some, not all) sports fans can be respectable in the space of other fans. Trash talk is understandable especially when two teams are playing against each other and its all in good fun. There are times when others take things too far and its really sad when that happens.

With video can be just as toxic. The unhealthy part is when people cant simply like what they like. they have to tear down the opposition.

I drive a dodge but i dont hate on ford or GM or imports. I like samsung phones but i dont hate on iphone or HTC. I like LG tv but i dont hate on sony or Vizio.

If i dont like something, i dont buy it. I wont hate on the next guy because he does. That's not my place. To each their own.

starchild1736d ago

This was a good video. It's true that there has always been fanboyism in videogames, but it has gotten exponentially worse over the past few generations.

N4g_null1735d ago

Things like this get worst with age. It use to be a lot of mature older gamers now kids are yelling gay, f this and that over these online networks. This has lowered the expectations of what we expect from fellow gamers. Then these people get jobs in the industry and produce crap. Then they get mad at the world.

Lots of gamers that loose a lot do end up mad at the world.

Online gaming has ruined alot.

xHeavYx1736d ago

Isn't this the guy who made a video about how PS+ is better than Xbox Live or something like that?
I do agree that favoritism has always existed, but not only in regards to video games

creeping judas1736d ago

Agreed, because we all know GMC truck is better than a Ford or Dodge truck!!

The funny thing is after 27 years of driving I finally was able to purchase a full sized truck, and I kind of love it. So I went to a GMC fan based forum, just to see what people were saying about it. And, the same kind of fanatical fanboyism exists outside of N4G. So the console fanboys are not unique, they are just an extension of their passion.

static52451736d ago

I posted this in another article seems fitting here too

Whatever happened having it being about the games. I'm tired of these $ony and Xbots attacks. Pick the console you like and just play.. have fun. But everyone wants to attack the next person.. Some to the point of delusional (not naming names but we all know the livejournal).

There's genocide and people starving and dying out there, all we can fight about is our HD experience.. First world problems I guess

ArchangelMike1736d ago

Brand loyality is the other half of what makes gaming so much fun. C'mon tell me you don't enjoy it. You online gaming journo's love it. Whole careers are built around it.

Without brand loyality aka the console war, there would'nt be such competition between the big three.

We all love it, be honest!

FragMnTagM1736d ago

Speak for yourself. I firmly dislike everything to do with the "console wars." It is a huge waste of time and I would like to see it go away.

FragMnTagM1736d ago

I do remember that a little bit back in the day, but it was nowhere near as bad as it is today, internet or not.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1736d ago

Look... I would love to own every console but I simply don't have the funds. If I have to choose one then I'm gonna stick to what I know, and has never let me down. Now excuse me... I have to go get Ps4 tattooed on my arm.

Sci0n1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I agree and I was always the kid that proudly stated that I have both and enjoy both equally. This time around I can't say I feel the same way about being a multi console owner. Its PS all the way for me, I gave microsoft a shot with the 360 and after going threw the rrod fiasco and experiencing there screwed up policies I said to myself never again will they ever get a red cent of mines. Look at microsofts anticonsumer policies and how out of touch with gamers they are. They emphasized tv at the last E3 and force a camera on its consumers that not everyone is interested it. What was real scary was MS's drm policies before the internet explded and made them restructure there plans. Microsoft is single handedly holding gaming back and tried to single handedly kill gamimg as we know it. Its a good thing gamers are waking up now and getting tired of being suckered and pay walled to deah. Brand loyalty is fine the disgusting thing is denial.

medman1735d ago

There will always be brand loyalty, but brand loyalty does not mean blind loyalty. The fact that the ps4 is outselling the xbone in the US and UK despite supply constraints points to that. Some gamers in those territories who were 360 only last gen have migrated to Sony's console this gen. I own a ps3, 360, and ps4. The ps4 was the clear choice to me because of my experience with both consoles and their exclusives last gen. Sony killed it, especially the last few years before the ps4 release. Microsoft exclusives were severely lacking. So the ps4 was my first purchase because the experiences I had with games from their first party developers were much better than what Microsoft had to offer. The quantity, and quality, of the free games offered by psplus also swayed that decision. Those are the things that made my decision. By the time the specs for both consoles were revealed and it became apparent the ps4 had the power advantage, that was icing on the cake as my decision had already been made based on exclusives and psplus. I believe many other gamers chose similarly for those reasons. That is not brand loyalty. That is choosing what I believe is the best gaming system on the planet, with the best developers making the best games with the best free game offerings. The decision was easy.

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admiralvic1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yes / No.

Brand preference (most people simply prefer a brand, they don't just buy 1 system and everything for that system forever) is a problem, but it is one that always has and always will exist. The main reason why it's so prominent today, is simply because there are more lines of communication than in the past and systems are way more complex. Like, it wasn't until the last generation that we really saw consoles step away from being gaming machines and become more of a media hub. Since more and more options came into play, we started to see people looking for more and more things and now vast differences causing there to be constant compare and contrast articles, since this stuff matters to someone.

However, this isn't all a bad thing either. Because of people complaining about various things, you have companies constantly working to be better. This lead to several good and innovating things and is the main reason why monopolies are bad. Each company and their fans push one another to be better or try new things.

So while this stuff can be extremely negative, it can also be somewhat positive too.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

not only Brand... but also a Team, Sport, Country, Food, Phones, Websites...

so i dont understand why ppl complain about Fanboys like it only exists in the Gaming Community ..... they are everywhere

deal with that crap if you dont like it build your own cave and live in it


it depends how you look at it..

if you a die hard Giants and/or Chelsea fan and you having a match against the Jets or in (soccer) Manchester United.. and the opposing team is Grabbing helmets and diving all over the place in the area what do you expect a fan to do not talk shit and call them out saying they suck for all the crap they are doing in the match of course if you are a Passionate fan you will say all those things. its part of the Passion you have for that certain product..

according to you Fans all over the sporting world are trolls and have interpersonal relationship problems..

according to me youre an idiot

Fireseed1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I'll lay it out real simple.

"I love my PS4, Sony is such a great company" <- Good

"I love my PS4, Sony is such a great company... the Xbox is horrible and people who chose picked the inferior and worse decision" <- Bad

The simple difference is it's great to have a preference. But at the same time putting down others just shows you as a weak, pathetic, insecure troll who has trouble with interpersonal relationships.

PoSTedUP1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

lmao hahaha, word @ your edit. +bubs jersey.

i said the same thing in regards to comparing fanboyism to sports teams, years ago. havent gave a **** about these articles since and just read the comments.XD. but better way of putting it bro.

curtis921736d ago

It's something a lot deeper than brand loyalty and revolves around deep psychological issues. Something on the level of wanting to belong to the winning team and to feel like the winner. To feel justified and victorious. The internet has given people a platform from which to announce their allegiance and therefore they commit to that stance and wish the opposition harm. Before the internet, this behavior might have displayed itself somewhere else other than gaming, because before the internet people didn't spend so much time in pointlessly heated debates over brand allegiance and just enjoyed games.

iceman061736d ago

I agree to an extent. There have always been these "pointless and heated" debates. They just took place face to face. So, there was no internet to look up tedious stats and archived articles to fit your particular agenda. It was put up or shut up. Most of the times, people were shut up. The psychological thing is true. Nobody wants to be an outsider...well..except for the new hipster thing. LOL
In general it's bigger money spent on gaming and the need to justify the purchase. Couple that with the need to be on the winning team and boast about it and a venue for which to do it. A venue where you are completely anonymous. That's a recipe for creating some pretty contentious people.

wonderfulmonkeyman1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I'd say the problem stems less from having brand loyalty, and more from jerks not liking anyone having any brand loyalty that is different from their own.

In short, fan boys who hide behind screen names.

If they stripped the internet of anonymity for just a single month, then turned it back on without telling these jerks it was gone, half of them might not even return for fear of being forced to face some consequences for all of the crap they've spewed all over the internet in their years...

gpturbo811736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

blind sheep that buy into the garbage the gaming media spews, are ruining the gaming community.

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