Turtle Beach Announces Captain America Headset

Turtle Beach has announced a Captain America headset that will take gaming audio to the next level.

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SteamPowered1590d ago

True Patriot love right there. Im Canadian though, and Alpha Flight sucks.

Garethvk1590d ago

Who would you cast in an Alpha Flight movie?

deserteagle211590d ago

cool haven't been much of a turtle beach fan

Garethvk1590d ago

They used to do value line accessories but the new stuff has been very high end.

ElementX1590d ago

Why the need to produce so many themed headsets? Why not create a headset with switchable outer covers so people can swap out and customize? They could even produce velcro covers for the head band

GentlemenRUs1590d ago

Money, That's why... It's a dirty practice I know.

dodgemoose1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Because that's way too logical...

No but seriously it's just to with £££. Selling more headsets > selling covers

Garethvk1590d ago

It does have changeable plates. This is the same one that they did Thor on earlier in the year. The sell a 7 unit that has many plates, many of them Marvel.

So you get a Marvel logo on the band and change the plates, they just market it with the latest film.

shaun mcwayne1590d ago

Give me The Batman headset with built in bat ears.