Enemy Front locales revealed: Warsaw, France, Norway, and Germany await recruits

CI Games upcoming WWII FPS, Enemy Front, revealed in an Examiner exclusive that players can look to take the fight to Jerry across multiple backdrops such as Germany, Norway, France, and Poland during the Warsaw Uprising.

Steve Hart, Executive Producer stated in the Examiner exclusive interview...

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Aon1735d ago

Nice information:) Now we know in which countries we will fight. I'm very interested which one historical facts CI Games will choice in all of this country. In 100% in Poland it will certainly Warsaw Uprising:)

riverside6661733d ago

great! Norway! France and Germany is the obvious choice, but countries such as Poland and Norway also have interesting stories, interesting battle very well that the CI Games wants to put missions not only in the obvious areas of fighting!

ibrakadabra1732d ago

I agree with you guys. :) It will be something new and interesting for players. Maybe this game will start new trends in WWII games. There are many battles we didn't have chance to see in any FPS before. Who knows :)