Phil Spencer Attacks Fanboyism But Did he Surrender

Phil Spencer Head of Microsoft Studios may have been on the attack against "Fanboyism" But has he admitted Defeat in the race to dominate this generation of consoles already

Xboxplayers opinion delves deeper and discusses playstation + vs Games with Gold

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darthv721734d ago

the message he was presenting was that its okay to have a preference but you should like your preference instead of feeling the need to tear down someone else's that may be different.

static52451734d ago

Whatever happened having it being about the games. I'm tired of these $ony and Xbots attacks. Pick the console you like and just play.. have fun. But everyone wants to attack the next person.. Some to the point of delusional (not naming names but we all know the livejournal).

There's genocide and people starving and dying out there, all we can fight about is our HD experience.. First world problems I guess


You are a smart guy. Unlike others on here commenting..

snake91821734d ago

Why the hell are you getting dislikes?

UltimateMaster1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

“In the end, what we all want to do is to take this art form of playing games and experiencing and breaking down that wall between a linear narrative and an interactive capability”

Don't we all?

People should stop with the Bad BS reviews just because the game is exclusive to another console.

It kinda started when the PS4 was launched and got bad reviews then it escalated as PS4 owners replied back when the X1 got released.

The PS4 is without a doubt the best next-gen console out there. But we do need to stop this fanboys wars. Let's just keep it to facts and that's it.

It's a consumer's choice.

xboxpete1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

yes i agree with you on this and the point of this opinion seems to reflect the mood of that .

however i do point to the facts it seems a bit more of focus on Xbox One and not trying to warm to other console owners is required. I love my xbox and the Xbox One console has some amazing features but if Phil wants to concentrate on that and Games for Gold then great

but saying its ok to own all the consoles is not what Sony are saying is it?

healthy opinion though thank you

darthv721734d ago

Maybe its all the years i have been playing but I never really isolated myself from any platform. My overall preferred platform is the sega genesis but i do love the games on all others that i own as well.

A good game deserves to be played regardless of the platform. To deny yourself the opportunity to play it because of financial situations is totally understandable. But to deny yourself the opportunity to play it out of spite for the parent company...that's just not a good enough reason in my book.

xboxpete1734d ago

i agree completely my friend. The reason this has come about is simple, we are enjoying an amazing spell of amazing games.

The last of Us, GTA V, Elder Scrolls games and many more.

I love gaming and the reason i got an Xbox in the first place was simple HALO.

Xbox Live replenished the juices in my gaming habit and as for the last of us , simply put Brilliant so yea i agree play the games you want and on the platform that gives you the best overall experience of that game.

classic191734d ago

lol do anybody remember wen the 360 came out lol ppl like him was going absolutely crazy, i said like him" not him". they only talkn about fanbois because they are getting there ass's busted. spade0..

stavrami-mk21734d ago

Need to change headline to fanboy attacks fanboyism

xboxpete1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

are you referring to me or spencer?

im that much of a fanboy i praised the last of us (Above)

i am giving an opinion that Phil Spencer looks to have given in did you actually read this

stavrami-mk21734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Lol Spencer but if u want to put xboxpete there u can

Relax I'm just joking but seeing how Spencer works for Microsoft he will be biased same as shui or whoever


Wow you are a dumb one that's for sure

1nsomniac1734d ago

I Don't care about fanboyism. I just want company PR & marketing teams to stop lying to their customers so that they can sell them their products with false hopes.

Doing the above & then bitching about the backlash you receive back from those customers is something a coward would do!

Man up. Build a great product. Be proud of your product. Customers will enjoy your product. Simple!

fenome1734d ago

Well said indeed.

Let your product sell itself, I'm not saying not to hype, but don't send out unrealistic expectations or straight up lies. Enough with the talk, it's time to start walking.


Fanboy trash.... He's admitting they made mistakes and things could of been handled better. No duh right? After he's tells ya he owns all three consoles and is a unbiased gamer and wishes others were the same and not obsessive fanboys. Just his personal opinion. I am the most unbiased gamer there is. That's the way it should be! FACT. Time for fanboy trash like yours to hit the exit! It's not cool anymore for limp dicks now who continue to obsess over what console is better and attack others to keep talking about the same tired ass stuff.

TruthInsider 1734d ago

Well said, bubble up 1nsomniac.