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Submitted by gundamtanaka 693d ago | opinion piece

Who Should Join the Last of Us Cast?

GeekParty writes: "I’m the sort of person who starts casting movies in my head long before they’re announced. Figuring out the right actor for a role is like a game for me. Naturally, I wanted to try my hand at casting the Last of Us movie, and I think I did a decent job." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

-Foxtrot  +   693d ago
Hugh Jackman - Joel
Ellen Page IF she can pull off a teenage girl - Ellie
Josh Holloway - Tommy
Sonequa Martin-Green - Marlene
Famke Janssen - Tess
Bruce Campbell (Sam Ramni is producing) - Bill
Sean Penn - David
Michael B Jordan - Henry
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SaveFerris  +   693d ago
Pretty good casting there Foxtrot, apart from Ellen Page (too old). Wolverine reuniting with Jean Grey, awesome!
xHeavYx  +   693d ago
I think Robert Kneeper would make a better David
Unreal01  +   693d ago
Nicholas Cage as Joel.

The movie would fly off the shelves. Haha.
Diver  +   693d ago
josh Brolin got my vote for joel. for ellie I gotta say a newcomer.
Eonjay  +   693d ago
I was wondering about your choice for Marlene

Damn, you nailed it.
-Foxtrot  +   693d ago
Well she either needs to be Marlene or after watching the last Walking Dead when she's kicking ass in the fog, Rochelle in a L4D2 film
Tiechie  +   693d ago
I think you got everything right apart from Joel. I think Viggo mortensen would make a better Joel.

Just my thoughts on it.
mochachino  +   693d ago
It's toss up for me between him and Jackman.
dboyc310  +   693d ago
For Ellie I would love Chloë Moretz. She's a good actress. She knows how to kick ass and play a very vulnerable role at the same time. Ellen page would be good but she is no teenager and can't pass as one. Ellie has to be young because it plays a big role in the whole daughter and father relationship with Joel. For Joel I would like Josh Brolin or Viggo Mortensen.
-Foxtrot  +   693d ago
Chloë Moretz would be a horrible choice, she's not really a good actress to be honest and really only shot to frame because of her foul mouth "bad ass" behaviour in Kick Ass as she was so young back then....basically because of the shock value.

I think Ellen Page could pass for one if she wanted, she's really small in real life and she looks like a teenage anyway despite being 27
dboyc310  +   693d ago
Someone that's 27 can't pass for someone that is 14 and even they bump her age to 15 or 16 it just won't work. Then throw in a physically capable actress too. Ellie gets down and dirty in the fighting scenes which Chloe is good at when you watch kick ass
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-Foxtrot  +   693d ago
But thats it though....Kick Ass, it's the only decent thing she's in.

Hell if your talking about age then Chole is 17 so that wouldn't work either

If not Ellen then the last person I would want is Chloe


Swearing and being a potty mouth doesn't mean your a good acting.

Chloe is not a good actress and looks NOTHING like Ellie.

She's honestly the last person I would want.
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king_george  +   693d ago

No way dude Chloe could definitely pull it off. She just has that tough girl vibe that ellie displays in the last of us. And um helloooo ELLIE IS A POTTY MOUTH IN THE GAME. Chloe Moretz gets my vote. Although i wouldnt mind ellen either. Its just that she looks a bit too old to play a 14 year old girl

"Swearing and being a potty mouth doesnt mean your good at acting"

True. Very true. BUT ellie IS a potty mouth and chloe has proven that she can play that bad girl role. And it makes sense to cast someone who has experience with that type of role. Chloe has that experience

"Chloe is not a good actress and looks NOTHING like ellie"

That is your opinion. I believe she is a good actress that has more than enough potential and talent to do this. As far as looks, your not going to find someone that looks EXACTLY like ellie. Besides, Hollywood is very good at rearanging faces, hair, bodies etc., People can say Ellen looks more like ellie which i think is true but shes just too old to play a little girl who is 14.

"Shes honestly the last person i would want"

Sorry to hear that. She a sweet kid with loads of talent IN MY OPINION. but thats just me
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dboyc310  +   693d ago
Chloe can pass for a 15-16 yr old more than Ellen passing for one. Yea she's only in kick ass but the character she plays shows that's she's more than capable of playing Ellie. Ellen page hasn't done a role that shows that she can nail Ellie's part. When it comes to movies it's better to cast someone that would embody the character than to cast someone just because they look a like.
She doesn't look nothing like Ellie but she's more than capable of capturing Ellie's personality and persona on film.
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-Foxtrot  +   693d ago

". Ellen page hasn't done a role that shows that she can nail Ellie's part. "

Are you joking.....

Watch Super (2010), a better Superhero film to Kickass funnily enough.

A better part then Hit Girl in my opinion
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BABY-JEDI  +   693d ago
Viggo would be awesome. Ellen Page is to old. Chloe Moretez is not vulnerable enough to play Ellie. Who would work for Ellie? Unknown actress...
Monkeycan8  +   693d ago
I agree 100% she actually kinda looks like Ellie.
Kurisu  +   693d ago
Nobody. They should cancel the film so they don't turn a perfectly good game in to just another mediocre tie in.
JamieLeeC93  +   693d ago
Josh Brolin for Joel.
classic19  +   693d ago
yeah josh brolin, can definitively play joel. he seems like the only person that fits that role.
supraking951  +   693d ago
Ellie Fanning should play Ellie. She's Dakota Fanning younger sister. She was in Super8 and upcoming Maleficent
Butters360  +   693d ago
Chloë Grace Moretz for Ellie hands down. She has the acting ability, the facial features, and the potty mouth background to back it up. Not to mention she's a huge PlayStation fan.
king_george  +   693d ago
Its nice to see that dboyc310 up there and me arent alone in thinking Chloe would make an AWESOME Ellie. Shes just so much like ellie its crazy. Just dye her hair and give her freckles lol!
mrdeli  +   693d ago
You are right. This could be Ellie
listenkids  +   693d ago
I always wanted Cranston, his Walter with an accent would be vocally sound, but I lean too much on the similarity of the characters to actually give it a vote.

Chloe is the best pick for Ellie as it stands, with her being actually well known and young, somewhat visually similar, with that hot head attitude portrayed in Kick-Ass.

We have Robert at least, if it's a direct screenplay from the original game - http://www.pixelatedsausage...
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porkChop  +   693d ago



Can't think of a good pick for Tess or Ellie. Ellen Page is too old for the role, and Chloe Moretz isn't the right pick.
Makkanchor  +   693d ago
Lara croft: p

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