A Single-Player Gamer’s Thoughts on Titanfall

"Up until about a month ago, the only online multiplayer games I had even tested were PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and Forza Motorsport 5. Honestly, until now, nothing had ever given me genuine reason to play a video game online. Connecting to servers, finding opponents, and awaiting the countdown clock to tick down to zero always seemed inconvenient and unnecessary when I could play games seamlessly offline. But after receiving the Xbox One, I had no choice but to connect with other players when racing in Forza 5, and needless to say, it was thrilling. Usually, I would play a game to experience the story, along with its defining gameplay mechanics, and with games like The Last of Us or Journey, that’s exactly what’s intended."

-Gabe Carey,

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RIP_Cell1557d ago

coming next week. A Multi-Player Gamer’s Thoughts on Infamous Second Son

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CurrentDigital1556d ago

Haha! In all seriousness, though, Infamous: Second Son seems to align more with my personal preference. I'm ecstatic! (Hopefully Gamefly delivers it on Friday)


robtion1557d ago

Titanfall looks really good but it needs a single player campaign. I am not really interested in online mp only games.

ThePope1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Give it a Shot. You'll be happy you did. The 6v6 us so satisfying because it's not 4 guys dominating by half camping and half using the best kill streaks. Everyone feels like their on the same level

Clunkyd1557d ago

lol the Campaign is so repetitive and boring. Don't give it a shot!

SliceOfTruth8881557d ago

Well I can tell you from a gamer, not just a single player or multiplayer one, that its awesome

Jag-T10001557d ago

I just traded my game for $40 at gamestop. Multiplayer is not for me. I got tired of running around getting killed.

SpartanBerdiel1557d ago

Is one of the easiest multi player games, how much did you get killed?

nukeitall1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Then stop running around and getting killed.

Start pay attention to why you are getting killed, see what others are doing. Perhaps, shadow another gamer. Once you get into it, you will really enjoy it, but it requires a little patience.

I was once a single player gamer only for a long time, until Halo came about, but then I played it just a little because everyone would kick my arse. I then started playing little by little and learning the ropes with Gears of War, and till this day I still play Gears of War multiplayer almost exclusively. It is a lot of fun, and now I also play Titanfall with the little time I have.

Don't give up multiplayer, and play with friends. Be a team player, and communicate and you will eventually get the hang of it.

pakua1557d ago

Please do not praise Titanfall on here and please refrain from saying anything pro-Xbox, this is N4G and this is Sonys land. You are not wanted.

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