The Superman Dilemma, and Which Three DC Heroes Rocksteady Should Make Games Out of Instead

Dualshockers' Tony Polanco writes:

"Normally I’d come into this article with a solution to the problem I’m presenting. However, if I was capable of coming up with a killer idea of how to create a mindblowingly awesome Superman game then I’d be a millionaire. No one else in the gaming industry has done it either — or come close — so this is a riddle that may take some time to figure out.

Since Superman is so hard to make work within the confines of a video game, I propose that Rocksteady choose a different Justice League member to do a game on. While DC has many members in its illustrious superhero group, I want to focus on three specifically. I think that the characters of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern could make for fantastic video games set in Rocksteady’s version of the DC Comics universe."

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GuruStarr781733d ago

Yeah, Superman really deserves to be done some justice in his own game.. I'm still not sure why it hasn't been done yet, since we've come so far in gaming..

Spiderman, Batman and even the Hulk have had great games, with Superman's popularity on the rise again with good movies, you'd think we'd get something good.... finally.

WolfLeBlack1733d ago

I think it's likely because his power set might be hard to translate into traditional game mechanics.

What do you design to give Superman a real challenge?

Even his flying could be hard. Thus far I've yet to play a game where flying around as a person feels good.

maniacmayhem1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Play the EA Superman Returns game, it was done really well.

Flying shouldn't be a problem especially with todays consoles and how big devs can make a city. It should not be a problem at all and even challenging if Superman has to fly from one end to another to stop whatever multiple villains or villain is running amok.

KonsoruMasuta1733d ago


Superman returns was bad, just not as bad as Superman 64. The problem with Superman is that he is overpowered and it is hard to transfer all of that into an open world game without tuning it down a little. You don't want the game to be too easy and make the players too over powered, but you also don't want to Nerf the character.

raWfodog1733d ago

I think you would need a real 'open world' to showcase his strength and power. Forget about trying to contain him to a city. Also, almost every villain would need to be super-powered (or at least have access to kryptonite) in order to present a challenge for him.

GuruStarr781733d ago

Well, Spiderman was done well (in swinging around an open world) So I'm sure a talented developer could do it well.

maniacmayhem1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


I never said Superman Returns was a good game, but they had great design elements such as the flying.

How is Superman any different from Dante(DmC), Kratos(GoW) or any other character that fights alone against hordes of enemies?

Superman should be treated just like those characters I mentioned above. Superman is not overpowered he has just as many tools as any video game character and its up to a developer to use them to best suit the environment and challenge.

Superman is not as invulnerable as everyone claims or believes. He's just as strong and resilient as Thor, Hulk or any other super powered comic character. Why Superman is considered undoable is baffling to me. He has a great list of enemies that always present a challenge to him without the need for kryptonite.

webeblazing1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

i think superman is hard to do period. games and movies is just poorly executed because hes power and the plot of his stories.

if they what to make a great superman game get the powers done right. only thing would be hard is flying and how to translate how strong he is. the next is pick a good enemy to fight. even with the movie everybody knows superman and we get that his archenemy is lex, but hes no competition in a fight with superman. lex uses his brain. So why they dont use darkside, doomsday, or brainiac seriously.

i been gave up on superman. it not a lot of enemies that would make it interesting, and the ones that will and makes sense they dont use.

its best to focus on anybody in dc except superman. mainly green lantern, that would be like open-galaxy sandbox crazy space police force alpha kapa look at my bling ring lol

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LexHazard791733d ago

I didnt know Supermans popularity had diminished. It never does! It like Ali or Jordan you dont forget them or diminish their popularity because theyre no longer doing their thing!

anonjohn231733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I think it's because Superman won't have any exciting gameplay mechanics other than flying around after a while. The reason why the Arkham series is so good is because Batman can get hurt and they found a way for him to improve over time. After a while, you get to the point where no enemy can touch you because of all the practice in combat and upgrades so it feels like an accomplishment. Superman would be overpowered out the gate if you put him on Earth. The game could be set in Warworld or Apokolips, so it would pose a some sort of challenge.

princejb1341733d ago

I would like a flash game, deathstroke, green lanturn or maybe green arrow(living CW arrow so far)

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ElasticLove1733d ago

A Wonder Woman game that takes place on Themyscira (Paradise Island) would be a sight to see. So would Aquaman in Atlantis, but Green Lantern would take some creativity thinking for it to work. His base of operation is the entire Galaxy, unless they want to limit it to Coast City.

shadowraiserx1733d ago

I prefer a Green Arrow game or Batwoman

TheEnigma3131733d ago

Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and The Flash could be good.

DaleCooper1733d ago

The Superman Returns game had some surprisingly good mechanics and didn't nerf Superman's powers. I think the problem with it was it being rushed to market (not only was it EA, it was a licensed property for a terrible movie.) Still, there was a good game somewhere hidden in there.

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