CGMagazine interviews Need for Speed Director

Given that the videogame series was free of plot and characters to allow for more hotrod races and chases, it was the perfect cinematic vehicle to race and blow up… er… vehicles. Waugh went out of his way to ditch any and all CGI enhancements to ensure all of his gearhead fantasies were real. Then to carry the movie he went to the man they call Jesse, bitch. That’s right, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stepped into his first starring role in a film to drive fast and blow up stuff real good for Scott Waugh. CGM recently got a chance to speak with the playfully chatty Scott Waugh and Aaron Paul about their experience making the Need For Speed movie. We touched on everything from their indifference to the videogame and insistence on death-defying practical stunts to the day that Aaron Paul almost hit his director with a car. Read on for all the gasoline-drenched details.

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