Sucker Punch asks early Infamous: Second Son players to stop posting spoilers

Sucker Punch has asked owners of an "unauthorized early copy" of Infamous: Second Son to stop posting spoiler footage ahead of next week's release.

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ZodTheRipper1736d ago

They are doing the right thing, makes the game even more enjoyable for us. I'd hope for more developers taking this route instead of posting tons of footage before release.

heisenberguk1736d ago

Certain people like to spoil things for others and nothing will stop them from doing that

abc12331736d ago

They're not doing the right thing. Thanks to these leaks a lot of people who were previously apathetic to this game are now hyped. If you don't want to be spoiled then go on a media blackout, if you don't mind it so much then at least you have the option of finding out more.

vishmarx1736d ago

so the concrete+mind control powers are true?

XisThatKid1736d ago

I rarely get spoiled of anythin in games people should just stay away from the venue which the spoilers are coming from it's really not that hard. Peoples curiosity and "dumbedgery" get most thing spoiled dont got Infamou streams if you dont want spolers don't click on links you don't know what they are. Anything second son skip over. I know nothing about this game still. Even this "new power" no idea what it is aside from i think they revieled it(?) The internet it a strange and dangerous place just be careful.

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TheTwelve1736d ago

I'm pretty much ignoring anything and everything about Infamous from now until I beat the game.

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assdan1736d ago

It's really annoying though. Can't we all just enjoy a damn game?

Seraphim1736d ago

goes back to.... if the games done just release it. Wouldn't be a problem is retailers shipped these out to us this week or put em on store shelves. I do applaud SP for asking & personally don't want to see anything related to the game but.... a games gone gold, shipped out and ready for release change the release date and let it go on sale....

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ArchangelMike1736d ago

I'm on media blackout now. No spoilers for me please.

mike32UK1736d ago

Ditto! I was so close earlier to finding out what the unknown power was but then I changed my mind and closed the article! Haha not long to go :) I'm hoping for an early delete very from Amazon

Sevir1736d ago

Thank you Sucker Punch. These spoilers need to stop and these news outlets should stop reporting on these spoilers...

I''ve avoided all the leaks... Just 1 week to go... I can do this!!

Outsider-G1736d ago

Same here. Seen some gameplay here and there, but nothing to spoil too much. I was tempted to click on the link for the third power, but it will be well worth the wait next week.

BX811736d ago

I don't think they should stop many people don't care if they know ahead of time. I do agree it shouldn't be bundled in with the regular stories. Put it under a spoilers tab. My brother in law is like that. I hate to watch uncharted trailers because of spoilers.

Rhezin1736d ago

agreed. Never really got why people like spoilers. Guess they don't like being surprised and having fun.

trenso11736d ago

well for some like me can't get the game i don't have a ps4 yet and don't know when ill be getting one so seeing some(not all) of the game is enjoyable for me because i can at least see it.

abc12331736d ago

Well it depends on what you class as a spoiler, seeing any sort of preview of the game at all is technically a spoiler. Imo finding out the ending to a game you were going to play doesn't make much sense whilst finding out about the cool powers you eventually get are fine.

Speak_da_Truth1736d ago

i have been trying so hard not give in to these spoilers and its working pls stop spoiling the game for ppl. i can't wait to play this game

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