Watch Dogs "The Deepest, Not The Biggest, Open World Ever"

Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin explains that while the game won't be the biggest open world ever created, it should be the deepest.

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ArchangelMike1734d ago

I wonder, is Skyrim the biggest open world game? Anyway, I'm still lookjng forward to watchdogs. I love open world games.

Alexious1733d ago

I'm not sure actually. GTA V is really big, but Skyrim could be slightly bigger.

TheUltimateGamer1733d ago

I'd be interested to know which was bigger.

Baka-akaB1733d ago

Elder's scrolls : Daggerfall is bigger than both

gillri1733d ago

But Daggerfall was repetitive as hell, about as copy and paste a world as I have seen

anyway back on topic I thought Arkham Knight was going for the deepest? FIGHT!!!!

Baka-akaB1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Its wasnt any more repetitive than the following ES games imo . For such an old game , it was actually quite full and already used randomly generated content to further expand . Only it was even more buggy than current bethesda titles

If anything , after MW , the ES was mostly about cutting content and simplifying gameplay , without even improving in areas such as storytelling

mcarsehat1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

the crew's world is supposed to be quite big too, skyrim's is actually one of the smallest open worlds, here's a chart :

SuperBlur1733d ago

ultima online , maybe it is in 2d but dear lord the map is huge and the thing you can do is limitless

aliengmr1733d ago

Just Cause 2 is is probably the biggest modern open world game.

I forget the top 5 biggest, but I know JC2 is in that list. Daggerfall is bigger technically.

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Ezio20481733d ago

gta V is the biggest opem world game. it is the deepest as well as of now bcoz no one does the little details like rockstar. lets see if watch dogs can surpass it.

Baka-akaB1733d ago

It's rich and everything but nope , there are a few bigger games out there

youndamie1733d ago

I thought it was Just Cause 2

iamnsuperman1733d ago

How is it the deepest? Yer there is a lot of characters just walking around but it's also fairly empty. Outside the main city there really isn't much and the main city isn't exactly deep since you can't enter any of the buildings

yezz1733d ago

Yeah, it's very rich and detailed but not particularly "deep"...

Audiggity1732d ago

In the realm of details it's hard to beat GTA V... depth measured by things you can actually do? Yeah, that's where GTA V is limited.

If they had dynamic missions pop up based on your location, then GTA V may have been tough to beat.

ArchangelMike1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Naa, if Skyrim is not the biggest open world game, it most definately is the deepest. you have to factor in that you could enter practically every building, and you could also craft a huge range of items.

KonsoruMasuta1733d ago

Play the older Elder Scrolls games if you want to talk about "deep"

stavrami-mk21733d ago

I agree 2/3rds of the maps desert is some of the deepest cactus I have ever seen

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SuperYakuzaFan1733d ago

Yeah right , NA audience please play a Yakuza Game to get the sense of a Deep Open world

die_fiend1733d ago

Yakuza doesn't exactly have a deep open world. Have you played GTA? Yakuza is about slamming people's faces into the concrete

theshredded1733d ago

Oh please,Yakuza bitchez!nothing compares

curtis921733d ago

Just Cause 2 is the biggest still, correct?

curtis921733d ago

Wow I stand corrected. Not even close haha

Audiggity1732d ago

Jeez... I almost want to go back and play Daggerfall just to see how obnoxious it would be. 62,000+ square miles?! Why?

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