Kojima didn't think Metal Gear Solid would be a hit

Creator Hideo Kojima says he did not expect the game to sell "at all."

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admiralvic1653d ago

I'm not surprised. If there is one thing you learn in life, it's that you can't predict what will do well and what won't do well. If you could, we wouldn't have so many things trying to capture the same success in things.

sonarus1652d ago

Man I remember back in the days of n64 vs play station. I had an n64 and was loving it till the day I took my n64 and perfect dark game to my cousins to play because he had no console. On getting there I notice he had a play station. And was playing metal gear solid. I barely got to play cus I wasn't very good at first but my mind was absolutely blown at that point and I never cared about my n64 after that. Till today I dont think any game has blown my mind like that mgs on play station. Granted I was mostly playing Nintendo games at the time with some quake, golden eye and mk4 in between but mgs just seemed like a whole other type of game

CrossingEden1652d ago

Nintendo didn't think that Legend of Zelda would be well received either. Go figure.

DCfan1652d ago

What does this have to do with anything?? I seriously don't see the relation.

vakarian751652d ago

The relation is that neither game was expected to sell.

Bathyj1652d ago

Game makers have always supported PlayStation and PlayStation owners have always supported great games. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that's served me well for almost 20 years.

MrTrololo1652d ago

Well it one of the best game ever made next to The Last Of Us.

goldwyncq1652d ago

TLOU is one of the best games last gen but it still doesn't match the greatness of this game. It was way ahead of its time and presented ideas that no others have thought of. Ask any gamer which is the most memorable boss fight in a video game and I bet most of them would mention Psycho Mantis.

Imalwaysright1652d ago

^^ This MGS is one of the most influential games ever made and was the 1st game to have cinematic presentation. MGS is something that TloU isn't: revolutionary.

SoulSercher6201652d ago


I have to agree there. No doubt that TLOU is one of the greatest games ever made, but it didn't revolutionize anything. It took great mechanics in certain games and refined it into its own. MGS however revolutionized gaming such as stealth and of course the Psycho Mantis fight. Who would've ever thought of switching to port 2 to fight a boss?

droc11231652d ago

Still to this day this is one of my favorite games of all time... I still remember walking into funcoland before GameStop took it over and grabbing it for my ps1. Forever a classic!!!

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