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Game Console Report

Flya does a run-down of the top issues with the current generation of consoles, examining the top 5 problems with each of the consoles they've experienced and some steps on how to possibly prevent said issues. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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parentoftheyear  +   699d ago
Only own ps4 our of these three but I'm glad to say never had any of this happen. I did have games close with error code quite a bit before the last update though auprised to see that wasn't on there.
MRMagoo123  +   699d ago
I *fingers crossed touch wood rub Buddhas belly* havent had any problems once yet , no freezes errors crashes nothing lol.
UltimateMaster  +   698d ago
I own a PS4 and I've never experienced any of these issues.

It doesn't show us the frequency of these issues.
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Eonjay   699d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
kewlkat007  +   699d ago
Freezing I saw gamers worst mightmare..Some of the other stuff can be remedied.

Nothing worst freezing while gaming. I can deal with the other stuff most of the time.

In the case with the xbox ones kinect..well unplugged it if the experience is that bad. That hardware will get better with software updates and speech recognition will never be perfect.
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Fusion_Ninja  +   699d ago
LOL The Xbox One's top problem is Kinect! Ain't that the truth, on multiple levels...
Mystogan  +   699d ago
AgitatedOcelot  +   699d ago
Kinect, you are the incredibly clumsy counter intuitive controller...

That the system can't understand... Oh and you have the privilege of paying $100 more whether you want to be or not.
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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   699d ago
At least it does not freeze... ;)
Christopher  +   699d ago
From the article: "The most common problem associated with the Kinect is that sometimes it simply does not work properly—whether that is voice commands not being recognized, the motion sensor technology malfunctioning, or games that leverage Kinect for in-game play not being able to be played because of these issues."

Seems just as bad as freezing if the #1 fix they recommend is rebooting everything...
Boody-Bandit  +   698d ago
I don't even bother with Kinect anymore when using my X1. I have a triple panel display in my gaming room and I usually have more than 2 audio systems going at once. Kinect only hears and works for me if I mute both audio devices. It's just not worth doing all that when the controller works fine.

I tried repositioning it over top of the center display. Putting it under my center channel. On my center channel. I even put it on a stand and moved it close to my sitting position and nada. It only works if I have the room well lit and everything in the room quiet. I tried powering the X1 off and disconnecting everything like listed in this article. Still nada. So I basically gave up using it.

I don't feel like calling them and having to go thru some person (usually with an accent barrier) walking me thru step by step things I have already tried several times over. It would be nice if you could just call or contact MS and have them simply send you a new unit / device without playing step and fetch with them and on the phone for a prolonged period of time.

The only other problem I have with the X1 is since the last update my controller wont power off when I turn off the console by accessing it through holding the profile button in. The console powers down but the controller stays lit and burns battery life. So what I do is turn the controller off first and mute the devices in my room and try to get Kinect to respond to me.

I'm just hoping with future updates these things iron themselves out. If not I will eventually have to call their CS and see what they can do on their end.
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Gozer  +   698d ago
My Kinect works fine for what I use it for. The only command Kinect really has a problem for me is "Xbox On". I don't know what it is about that one command, everything else woks great with Kinect.Its incredibly easy to go to a game regardless of what your doing by just saying "Xbox goto *insert game name here*.I like Kinect, I think its worth it. Skype,video editing tools, as well as Twitch are all good reasons to like Kinect.
videgamenext1  +   699d ago
Freezing on wiiu yes it happens from time to time
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   699d ago
Recent updates have entirely eliminated the problem for me thus far.
kazuma999  +   699d ago
Have all 3 console.... No issues.
Aces17  +   699d ago
If you can drop almost $1500 on some consoles (not even including games) within a short period of time you certainly are lucky.
hduce  +   699d ago
Either lucky or just work hard and save up some money like I did.
GDDR6_2014  +   699d ago
Seriously $1500 is really not much money to some of us
BABYLEG  +   699d ago
Or he enjoys games. Consoles aren't that expensive. and neither are games when you only buy and play games you enjoy and is In no rush to beat the game. I buy games. I bought human revolution when it was 15 dollars and played it 6 months after I bought.

aint no rush to play the games.
Oh_Yeah  +   699d ago
Had plenty time with all 3. Ps4, no problems really, buttery smooth and fast, the only bad thing I can say about it is a lot of videos don't work on the internet, namely xxx sites. Xbox loooooooooooooong install times and games only partially installing before you play causing you to hit invisible walls lol. Wii u looooooooooong first update and update times, battery on gamepad only lasts a couple hours, loud disc drive, can't turn off annoying background music.
hduce  +   699d ago
You are right about the Xbox One and Wii U but the PS4 had it's share of problems for me such as games crashing, intermittent error codes, corrupt save files, short battery life for controller, etc.
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Kribwalker  +   698d ago
Whoah Whoah Whoah, settle down there. Personal problems that you experience with your PS4? That never happened, you deserve disagrees and a bubble down vote for that, because there is no way you experienced a personal problem with your PS4. 😜
CPTN MITCHELL  +   699d ago
no problems with the ps4 so far...
They got 99 problems but the RROD ain't one. Yet.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   699d ago
Yeah...The Nintendo game pad is like the Xbox 360's red ring of death. How could Nintendo a company known for incredibley durable home video consoles release a piece of shit like the Wii U gamepad. When I called Nintendo the other day to see if I could get my Wii U game pad fixed they said it would cost me one hundred and eighty five dollars. They didn't know what the problem was with it but they damn sure knew the price to fix it.
Whatever has become of the Nintendo of old? Their products were so durable. Now they sell junk. Too idiots like me idiots that believed in Nintendo. I believed when a Nintendo product malfunctioned I'd be treated with a little respect. Nope. Nintendo just doesn't care they're a business and all they care about is profit. Where's their next dollar going to come from. Well that vicious cycle of profits at any cost ends today with me. Good bye Nintendo I'm sure you won't miss one customer after all there's a lot of people out their that love Nintendo no matter what they do wrong or how bad they screwed up their fans would always be there for them. Not me. Not today. Not anymore. Today is when I turn my back on Nintendo because they turned their back on me. I gave them one last chance to restore my faith in this once great company. Now all I see is a pariah. Fishing around in my back pocket for the last few dollars I have. Now I wish I threw that three hundred fifty dollars on the ground or donated it to charity. I bought a dream but in the end I bought a nightmare. A nightmare called the Wii U.
Solitaryswordsman  +   699d ago
Crazy thing is my n64 still works like brand new, They really missed their opportunity with the wiiiu
AJBACK2FRAG  +   699d ago
My NES runs perfect. That's what's killing me! Nintendo is obviously not interested in creating hard ware that is nigh invulnerable anymore. Because that Wii U game pad is a hunk of junk and believe me my complaint isn't the only one. It makes me sick Because I bought my Wii U Dec. thirteenth and my Wii U started acting up about three our four weeks ago. Roughly fourteen months? That's a joke! Plus amazing games are going to be coming out very soon and the games that only utilize the game pad for a controller I won't be able to play unless I pony up the blood money and I don't like paying for other people's mistakes.
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LonDonE  +   699d ago
Thats a bummer dude, i feel for u!
My wii u on the other hand has worked flawless, yes i did get freezes with the loud buzzing noises allot when playing ubisoft games, but since the stability updates it has worked like a champ.

Gamepad too had connection problems at first, but after the updates works perfect.
The console itself is going to be reliable i think just like the snes, nes, n64 and game cube all which i still own and still work flawlessly.

Not sure about where u live, i live in uk and here you can buy used game pads the white for £45 and the black for £70? I know WTF nearly double just for a colour change? either way i bought a spare one just incase.
Look around locally to u in used games stores, in uk a shop called c.e.x (computer exchange) are the ones who sell them.

But i do agree, consoles are just not as reliable as they once were but i think that's partly because they are so much more sophisticated now! its like taking powerful pc's and cramming them into little boxes.
The wii u is built great, that thing hardly ever gets warm.

Any way good luck.
gpturbo81  +   699d ago
wierd, ive dropped it twice from a distance. still strong like wood.
gpturbo81  +   699d ago
since day one the only issue ive had with the wii u is the freezing, not alot, but it does happen. no gamepad issues at all. sometimes i get an annoying error code while on the net, so i have to reload the page 5 times before it loads. nothin to crazy, but the freezing needs to get fixed, like last year.
Geekman  +   699d ago
Wow, someone was bored. Despite these problems, I from personal experience can tell you that they hardly come up. (Though I can't speak for the Xbox One.)
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MNGamer-N  +   699d ago
My Wii U used to freeze all the time, in the early days. Mostly on third party games for some reason like Need for Speed U, the campaign in Black ops 2. But it also was freezing while playing Nintendoland for a while too. After they updated the system software thought it never happens anymore. I think they did a nice job fixing it, and I am satisfied.

PS4 has had no problems at all so far... no overheating red light yet.. although it does get really hot! Sometimes the fan really gets going and I get a bit worried about it, but so far so good.
MNGamer-N  +   699d ago
Wow, my son has been playing Lego city on WiiU for a few hours, and it just froze up on him. With the buzzing noise. Guess I spoke too soon. That hasn't happened in quite some time... bummer if you're in the middle of achieving something in game for sure.
hduce  +   699d ago
My PS4 fan really got going the other day and it really made me nervous. I never heard my system get that loud before.
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MNGamer-N  +   699d ago
Were you playing Dead Nation? That's the game I was playing that seemed to stress the system a bit. Not sure why
Berenwulf  +   699d ago
My PS4 has not turned off one single time, and I have it since day one and played a lot on it! I really had no problems with my PS4...
razrye  +   698d ago
I've got a wiiu and a day 1 ps4 and I've absolutely no problems at all. Actually surprised to see the freezing one on ps4. Didn't know that happened.
hduce  +   698d ago
@ MNGamer-N
I was playing NBA2K14. I don't think even Battlefield made my fan work so hard.
_LarZen_  +   698d ago
So far I have had the following problems.

Black screen
No sound
No Wifi connection


No Wifi connection

Restarting or doing a cold boot fixes it. So not a big problem. And if happens seldom.
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