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"The updated versions of these PS2 classics look wonderful but don’t do enough to bring the games into the modern era."

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kalkano1649d ago

"And while, yes, Final Fantasy X in HD is beautiful, that Square Enix didn’t do anything else to bring it up to date leaves us with an experience that is less exciting than it should be."

What else needed to be done? What else needed to be updated?

Lovable1649d ago


I have no idea as well...Are they expecting a new battle system or something?

kythlyn1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I'm still happy enough to play the PS2 versions! I'm getting the Remaster mainly for the International features.

raWfodog1649d ago

Maybe they were hoping for something like a "FFVII original" to "Advent Children"-like jump in graphical quality.

Irishguy951649d ago

Agree, it's not a remake, it's a HD remaster. Nothing needs to be done to this game. It was great as it was.

WalterWJR1649d ago

I for one am glad they didn't touch up any of physics or add new storyline which would have made no seance to the original story's.

vergilxx31649d ago

It's probably about the graphic it's always about that this review must be comming from a dumb pc gamer

Nerdmaster1649d ago

"What else needed to be done? What else needed to be updated?"

Well, actually this can be used against this game. If nothing needed to be done, then it didn't need to be released again.

I, for one, wanted a true remake. The non-CG cutscenes have terrible animations, the Blitzball is very awkward and the graphics could definitely be much improved.

And taking cues from Wind Waker HD, they could've improved some of the gameplay part, like the ultra annoying "dodging 200 lightning bolts" or the controls on the Chocobo Race. Or even the movement with the analog stick, it was very stiff.

As I said in another review, I absolutely love FFX. It's my favorite RPG off all time. Exactly because of this, I won't close my eyes and pretend that it didn't deserve better stuff than a simple "HD remaster".

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Harkins17211649d ago

All these pathetic no name sites giving reviews. What a disgrace to a treasure game.

explicitbaron1649d ago

Everyone has a right to their opinion. The game is still a 10/10 for me.

Harkins17211648d ago

I love the click bait views though.

jagstar441649d ago

Didn't this take like 3 years? did they just have like one guy, some low level intern slowly porting it over the last few years

Nerdmaster1649d ago

This also bugs me. For the time it took them to make and release it, they could've done a true remake instead of a simple HD remaster.

Harkins17211648d ago

Not when they had people on LR:FFXIII, FFXIV, FFXV. 3 BIG projects.

SoulSercher6201649d ago

"The updated versions of these PS2 classics look wonderful but don’t do enough to bring the games into the modern era."

This guy needs glasses then. It's defintely one of the more modern HD remasters out there.

explicitbaron1649d ago

While you did bring up some good points you have to remember HD remastered PS2 games are games that have just been improved visually with a few other small improvements and changes. Developers are not remaking the game. The HD remasters are so people can re-play it on current systems with better visuals instead of playing it on a PS2 with old blurry visuals. For the time FFX was an exceptional RPG and still is today, the remastered version just has improved visuals and remastered audio.

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