Thirteen Tips for Surviving Dark Souls II

Posted by Mick Fraser

The world of Dark Souls II is colossal and utterly lethal. You will not survive by running in blindly and relying on luck or brute force. You must be prepared to play by the rules of Drangleic – which means accepting that every death is a lesson, and every mistake you make is progress.

We’ve been playing it extensively for nearly a month, and have pulled together our 13 top tips for beginners, whether you played the first game or not. Read on for the information that might just keep you alive for the first 12 – 15 hours.

After that, you’re on your own. Good luck with that.

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ShowGun9011739d ago

DaS2 is the last final gasp of awesomeness from the current gen machines... what a great game, and one that makes me glad i didn't have to sell my ps3 to get a ps4... this month is great, first DaS2 and then inFAMOUS SS! cya online! (unless you're invading my world, then you can f off!)

1739d ago
1739d ago
LAWSON721739d ago

Nice to see some love for a great game, because all I see is whining about the graphics.