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EA CCO: Battlefield 4 budget was $100 million

EA's Chief Creative Officer reveals the massive budget for Battlefield 4 (Battlefield 4, EA, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ZodTheRipper  +   190d ago
What? It's basically BF3 with more bugs and prettier graphics, they must be joking.
Pandamobile  +   190d ago
It still takes 2 years and the effort of 300+ people to get to that point though. Not to mention marketing, and other internal production costs.
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Godmars290  +   190d ago
So the question is how much went directly into production? What went towards marketing concerns.
Pandamobile  +   190d ago
Probably close to 50/50.
Detoxx  +   190d ago
According to your logic, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls should be $10 games.
ZodTheRipper  +   190d ago
That's certainly not what I was implying. I'm just saying that I can't believe that those 100 million bucks went into game production (and quality assurance). It's 100 million dollar, just think about how much 1 million is already.
Detoxx  +   190d ago
DICE only failed on the QA part.

The game is fine now and it has the best FPS multiplayer.
Sevir  +   190d ago
Makes plenty sense that this was a hundred million dollar budget game, 5 platforms, R&D in pushing a newer engine 300+ developers, marketing, distribution, publisher-platform holder partnerships and post release work from rushing DICE to compete with COD and IW... Makes perfect sense
OwNizzleD  +   189d ago
It's way better than bf3 stop kidding yourself.
voodoochild346  +   190d ago
This the reason so many huge companies end up abruptly dying. The development costs are so high that they can't afford to have AAA games fail which leads to a lot less chances taken. Ubisoft could be next if watchdogs and ac 5 sell poorly.
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linkenski  +   190d ago
So many money wasted on one of the worst campaigns I've ever seen in recent shooters. Useless mo-cap acting and an asinine script.
KNWS  +   189d ago
100 million on the game or perhaps lot of it was spend on wages and marketing.
brich233  +   189d ago
100 Million$ beta that may or may not be getting any better after the updates. Fix one thing, Break another.
bandit905  +   189d ago
Look at everyone complaining, remember gta5 was about 250mil and there was tons of massive problems with the online features took months to fix, plus we still don't have all the game modes they said we will have... Anybody know what happened to heist coming for online play??
Minute Man 721  +   188d ago
$100 Million? Then why the hell outta 30 games I tried to play today only 3 of I managed to play from start to finish? I usually try and play thru the shitty lag but can't anymore, as soon as I realise it I quit the game this shit is fucking annoying. Fix your fucking game
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