Bravely Default is Second Best Selling Title in February, Wii U Sales Increased by Nearly 25%

Nintendo has released some great news: Bravely Default‘s sales per platform makes it the second best selling game in February.

Meanwhile, Wii U hardware sales increase by almost 25 percent this February, compared with February of last year.

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jonboi241733d ago

Awesome game but just a horribly tedious and repetitive second half. I swear I thought it was like that Groundhog's Day movie, it just keep repeating. I know you they want to make the game longer but that was kinda of a lazy way of doing it. Or the game became super easy when you combo certain Ap skills. Hopefully these will be fixed for the sequel.

kingdip901733d ago

I just love grinding and the job system, I am not to invested in the story yet but if it gets repetitive I can turn down the encounter rate and skip my way through until I get to more interesting territory

Spenok1733d ago

I disagree. This game is great. Some of the better RPGing I have done in quite some time.

3-4-51733d ago

Yea there is a lot you can do to customize your playing experience in this game. I love the Art style, especially in the towns and the music so far is really good.
I'm only about 20 hours in though, and kind of taking my time. This game is awesome.

thezeldadoth1733d ago

n4g doesn't like to mention that wii u is outselling ps4 right now in japan

jonboi241733d ago

There were already articles on n4g.

Chrono1733d ago

No, there are only 20 articles about that, need more.

AsimLeonheart1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

It isnt "outselling" PS4 "right now". The PS4 is selling slower than the Wii U did in its first three weeks. However, for a better perspective here are some minor details you forgot when comparing PS4 and Wii U launch sales,

Holiday season vs. Slump season.
Japanese games vs. Western games.
26,250 Yen vs. 39,980 Yen

Oh and how has the Wii U been doing worldwide since January 2013? It is considered dead by the gaming industry and the PS4 wiped its one year lead in THREE MONTHS! I know it hurts bro and you need to find something to make yourself feel better... You have my sympathies but enough with the pathetic trolling and self-consolation!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

same excuse.

In Japan people don't wait til holidays. 3DS sold more on MH4 and Pokemon XY released than Xmas. Proof that holidays doesn't matter in Japan. Software sells hardware not Holiday.

Japanese consumers buys game system when it has softwares that appeals to the Japanese audience.

If it has no games for Japanese audience they will leave it on shelves. Don't shove American or European culture or standard with Japan.

They purchase game system with software no software no buy.
That is why.

Knushwood Butt1733d ago

Thank you for some common sense (even though the last bit was unnecessary).

On the subject of Wii U in Japan, it has NOTHING releasing between now and Mario Kart. Let's see how well it does over the next few weeks.

Donkey Kong didn't exactly improve the situation. I'm sure it wouldn't take me more than a few minutes to dig up some stats proving that it's the lowest selling Donkey Kong in Japan to date.

dcj05241733d ago

Well duh:The Wii U has more Japanese games.

Dunban671733d ago

Except the Wii U is NOT outselling the PS4 now

33k+ PS4's sold in the latest week to 8k+ Wii U s sold in the same week does not mean the Wii U is outselling the PS4

RE the comparison to last year it is equally flawed as the Wii U was released in Japan in early Dec (Japan s biggest retail month (for gaming at least) while the PS4 was released in Feb

I own a Wii u and only a Wii U and want it to sell better tan it has- but any attempt to indicate it is selling well is a waste- it is not selling well under any metric- you should focus your energy at Nintendo and ask them to get their act together re the Wii U not some silly meaningless and deceptive comparison

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MNGamer-N1733d ago

Why are these comments turning into Wii U sales vs. PS4? Theis is Bravely Default for the 3DS. Good lord you people are obsessed with sales figures!

ON TOPIC: I really want this game, I am so close to picking it up, but not sure if I have enough time needed to invest in it fully. RPG's are some of the longest games... How many hours does it take to play through this?