Metal Gear Solid V PS4/PS3 Full Speed Run Videos Posted: 34 Minutes, 24 Without Cutscenes (Spoilers)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes can be quite short, especially if you do a speed run of the game without caring for side mission content, and since the game is already out there despite the fact that we’re four day away from release, the first speed run videos are being posted on the Chinese YouTube knockoff Youku.

And they are... quick.

Depending on where you live, the video embeds at time load very slowly or show loading errors because they're streamed from China. In which case the direct links often work better. Reloading also may help.

Quite obviously, before you watch the videos, you must be warned (if the headline wasn't enough) that they spoil the whole story of game, besides the side missions. Watch them at your own risk.

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listenkids1733d ago

Then don't speed run it. Instead, take your time, do side missions, get trophies/achievements, do the exclusive mission attached to console of choice, have fun.

Grave1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I totally agree. I hate it when people instantly dismiss a game because of a speed run. Example: My buddy refused to ever pick up Dark Souls because he saw a video where a guy beat it in an hour. He was like "if it can be beat in an hour it's not worth buying". Such a shame.

sonarus1733d ago

Lol Fuk don't speed run it. If it's too short for u don't buy. I'm just happy it's 30 bucks cus would have paid 60 regardless. Phantom pain is 2015 if we are lucky and I personally don't want to wait that long because metal gear solid for me is one of the greatest game series I have ever played if not tops. It probably isn't the same for most of you which is perfectly fine. continually calling the game short won't deter me from downloading that shit on ps4 day one

Alexander1Nevermind1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

@ Grave

The DS speed run is the perfect analogy. Those of us who have played and still play DS (while waiting for the PC version of DS2....) know the countless hrs. put into the game.

For the 20.00 price tag, a 6-8 hr campaign is fine imo.

PoSTedUP1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

ill be Staying In One Spot for 24 mins scoping out the enemys, enjoying every second of it. run through MGS? never.

but hell ppl, dont get then if you think its too much money. its known to be small, its a prologue and is touted as one. id pay $60 to play 2 hours of uncharted 4 right now, and you would too probably. and if a lot of fans were asking for it, we'd probably get it bc then it would be worth it for ND, too. watch ppl devour this game, $30 (im getting DD on ps3 $20) is a steal imo. $30 instead of waiting for over a year, pshh, cant beat that tbh.

vishmarx1733d ago

lol the mission takes atleast 60-90 first time.
and there are 5 other similar missions.
dumb asses hate everything
game is 4-5hrs minimum if youre good at it.
6-8 if youre gonna be a little thorough
and longer if youre a completionist.
GZ mission nets you with 9% completetion
i did another which got me to 12%

judge for yourself
what do you want from a $20 game

GearSkiN1732d ago

not worth 30. ill wait once TPP comes out

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Blaze9291733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

rushed or not, we all have to agree this is pretty ridiculous on Konami/Kojima's part with that price point. Sounds like this is nothing but a downloadable title that shouldn't be more than $15

The hell am I going to go after 30 minutes of the game for $40?

Eamon1733d ago

Agreed, a 34 min speedrun pretty much confirms that the main game is around 2 hours long. It shouldn't be sold for £20 over here and should be maximum £15

PoSTedUP1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

its $30 on ps4, $25 on ps4 if you do the newegg discount, $20 on ps3 and you get PWHD of you preorder it. and you have to factor in distrubution and royalties, development costs + content. so what would make someone feel so entitled that they should get the convenience of getting to play it Way earlier AND only have to pay a s*** price where kojima would probably lose money considering he is doing this for the fans? (if he was Really trying to scam money he wouldnt have set it at $40 and then afterwards make the game look incredibly small by saying "PP is 200x bigger than GZ, and overall hurt GZ greatly). its a prologue, you need to really want to play MGS earlier and to have the luxury and dough to do so(and acually understand what a prologue is).

would everyone here pay $30 to play 2 hours of uncharted4 Right Now? exactly. and would every ps fan here be defending GZ if it were PS exclusive? most likely. if the fans didnt want it/ask for it, there wouldnt be it. there really arent many prologues for games, its not gonna be a trend to make money, the people that want this/are getting this, know exactly what they are getting, no? thats cool f youre not getting it. just had to shoot you some logic to make you understand whats going on.

-Foxtrot1733d ago

It's not even the price points...cutting the prologue of MGSV shouldn't of happened in the first place.

They could reduce the price to $15 or less and the point still stands this SHOULD be in the main game. Not sold to us separately for more money.

This is an EA tactic and yet because it's MGS/Konami/Kojima no one bats an eye lid but if it was EA there would be bloody hell on...and rightfully so.

stavrami1733d ago

@foxtrot i don't think it is a cash grab,well not entirely anyway . i think with the new style of open world kojima is looking for feedback .

PoSTedUP1733d ago

whos to say it "shouldnt" have happened in the first place? thats a lazy argument which doesnt combat anything i said. the fans asked for it. and if its an EA tactic, its a PD tactic, and look how That Sold and how Many people Didnt complain. which my comment kinda proves its far from a scummy move opposed to something of that of EA. if that is your opinion, sure thats fine, but the fact that youre here in the first place, why not have a solid argument? lets "talk".

dcj05241733d ago

I saw a speed run of Sonic the hedgehog 3. It took 19 minutes.

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anonjohn231733d ago

Remember, it will be like 8-10 hours if you take your time, do the side missions, etc. The game only cost $29.99 on PS4 and Xbox One and $19.99 on the PS store for PS3 (not sure about 360 having that price). Tomb Raider was like 12 hours, so yes, it is short, but it is money well spent.

Utalkin2me1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

How you get 8-10 hours. And why would someone purposely take their time. Why not just play like your normally would? And tomb raider was a little longer then 12 hours, but by your logic if you took your time it would be 24-32 hours long.

anonjohn231733d ago

@Utalkin2me When I say "take your time" I mean like a normal playthrough, not a speed run.

inmusicutrust1733d ago


Mgs games are not games the normal player speed runs. They are games you hold back, watch guard patrols and slowly advance. That's all he means by take your time. The main mission plus side missions will be closer to 8-10 hours and considering this is for the fans of the series the price shouldn't even be debated.

Tdmd1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


8-10 hours? lol
It is already confirmed: it's a 2 hours game on normal playthroughs, 6 if you count the side missions. To finish it around 10 hours I guess you'll have to stop and count the trees for a little while.

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Sam Fisher1733d ago

wasnt skyrim's speedrun like 5 to 15 mins or something like that?

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IRapeLolis1733d ago

Long for a demo. Too bad we have to pay for it.


I am going to rent this game out of spite!

BattleTorn1733d ago

I really don't want to support this type of practice.

But it releases on my BDay, so I know I'm probably gonna say meh and treat myself

bigboss19901733d ago

Saw this last night on YouTube 1 hour and 10 minutes it took to clock......... Think I wait till the full package comes out on ps4

LOL_WUT1733d ago

34 min? Now this has me worried i'm going to be damn sure to take my time

FinalomegaS1733d ago

you're not going to post anything negative? surprised~

don't be worried, it is a speed run after all.

Bonkerz1733d ago

Not getting day one, i will have to wait a couple days to see what people are saying. Not gonna spend that much on a game that may last me 30 mins, unless it is absolutely mind blowing, and i will wait to find out.

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