Opinion: Titanfall hasn't eclipsed Call of Duty in one crucial respect

"Titanfall's greatest secret is that it's actually quite conservative. Judged by the standards of other blockbusters, it's a series of surgical strikes rather an all-out bombardment - upping the ante in places, dialling things back in others." [OXM]

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Hatsune-Miku1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I guess titanfall is doing mediocre sales because I haven't heard that it sold over a million on xbox one in one day or two days or anything about how great it's doing.its still early anyway but I can't wait to see sales stats after a week.

I like titanfall and think it's a proper shooter that I would prefer playing over cod but I'll wait for it to come to ps4 since I don't want an xbox one due to all the rubbish I dealt with on xbox 360 and the rubbish Microsoft tried doing on the xbox one

dirigiblebill1736d ago

The only way the original Titanfall will show up on PS4 is if EA breaks the law. It's contractually locked down for the Xbone. The (hypothetical) sequel is fair game, though.

OrangePowerz1736d ago

There might be parts in the contract that allow them to port it if the sales don't make them the money they expected.

There is also the possibility of making Titanfall Super Awesome Mega Edition and get around it that way. Like how FF13 versus isn't anymore PS exclusive because it's now called FF15.

DeadRabbits1736d ago

Titanfall 2 could easily get lost in the middle of the many PS4 exclusives in development.

EA have shot themselves in the foot with this one, they could have built early momentum by being on the xbone and also on the top selling next gen console on the market the PS4!

raWfodog1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Without knowing the exact specifics of the contractual agreement, you can't just simply say they will 'break the law'. There could be all types of conditions built into it that may allow for such a scenario. For instance, something like if they allow it to be on PS consoles, EA has to pay MS some specific amount, etc.

I'm not saying that this game would ever come to PS consoles. I'm just saying that lawyers and businessmen usually include smart language in contracts to protect their clients interests.

ramiuk11736d ago

i would of expected EA to put a clause in,saying it must sell X amount by a certain time to stay excluive and then if it dont they will release a TITANFALL EXODUS (or something to make it slightly diff)

venom061736d ago

when will people admit how SENSELESSLY easy and lack of skill required to play this game??? Guns with no recoil, braindead easy-to-kill grunts and specters, continuous roof campers, this game REALLY is not all that these hypers have hyped it up to be.

curtis921736d ago

Same was said about original mass effect but EA bought the rights back from MS. Could do the same with TF but depends on if MS would do that.

frostypants1736d ago

"It's contractually locked down for the Xbone"

Unless you have seen the wording of the contract, this isn't a qualified statement.

NeoTribe1735d ago

You read the agreement?

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djplonker1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

"I like titanfall its a proper shooter"

Battlefield and counter strike are real shooters.... not titanfall XD

MysticStrummer1736d ago

They're all real shooters, just different kinds that promote different varieties of gameplay. Better to say some are more casual than others because they're easier to pick up and play, or to use a relatively current industry buzz word… accessible.

Utalkin2me1736d ago

It's really not hard to eclipse COD in anything other then sales.

Naga1736d ago

It would also be hard to eclipse COD in the number of screaming children.

Clown_Syndr0me1736d ago

Most CoD players are too young to remember when CoD was good. I bet 80% of Ghosts players never played CoD 4.

ThePope1736d ago

You know what's funny. CoD was good when Modern Warfare launched. And you know what's funny about that. It was 6v6........

ramiuk11736d ago

the thing is if it did come to ps4 now i hope they take the port from pc version and not the gimped bone version

solidworm1736d ago

Its easy mode trash. Leave it on the 720bonio.

djplonker1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Casuals are playing titanfall

the hardcore are playing dark souls 2!

@corpser I didn't say either was...?

Corpser1736d ago

Can't play either of these on ps4 lol

curtis921736d ago

Where ARE the tf sales numbers btw? Figured we'd seen a midnight sales number at least... SOMETHING.

darkmonkey13x1736d ago

maybe they're waiting the launch on the other countries