A PlayStation Fanboy's First 10 Hours With Titanfall

As a proud PlayStation fanatic, I was reluctant to even buy an Xbox One, let alone play Titanfall. I'm glad I matured and made my choice to buy both consoles. Here are my thoughts on Titanfall on Xbox One

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tazmeah1735d ago

Funny, funny man. Is it just me or did your Titanfall level go up by 5? You must be playing that game right now!!!

Sayai jin1735d ago

Good. Enjoy your consoles and the games!

TheFallenAngel1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

As the gamer that I am, I told my brother to bring his xbone to the house to play the game. The game is good but it's not the second coming or the next big thing. The game is a solid 8.

Irishguy951734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

"It’s hard for me to admit this, but I feel rather foolish for denouncing the Xbox brand all these years."

Lucky you finally realized it. I was once that way too, when I was a kid. It took all but 2 minutes of thinking about to realize how stupid I was being, limiting myself from what was obviously a great brand. Good games are good games. Xbox has good games. It's really as simple as that. I'll be straightforward, nothing annoys me more than fanboys. They represent the close minded group of humanity. The idiots who drag down the rest of the race. Close mindedness has and always will be a bad trait of people. You can take any example of it at any point or any topic(Games, politics, religion etc) and just realize the stupidity of it. Although, maybe that makes me closed minded for disliking closed minded people :P

As for the Xbox, it was literally, "Why dont' I want an Xbox, there are good games on it?" Then I realized I did want one and there was some stupid part of me called 'fanboy' that's been dismissed from me ever since that. I try and play every genre and as much games as I can on as much systems as I can. If you can afford one console( a commodity) you can eventually afford a second.

I mean, it's totally fie to see more value for yourself in one console, but to deny the other as something 'bad' because it's in some way worse(and better in some ways) is just plain old closed mindedness. I didn't think the X1 was going to have many exclusives this time around, that was just wrong. MS didn't say anything about them and now they have a large amount on the way...

Anyhow, off to Dark Souls 2

GortJester1734d ago

Well said sir! That is the meaning of a true gamer, enjoy the games regardless of system.

DeadRabbits1734d ago

"Good games are good games"

Very True!!!! Although dodgy blood sucking companies are still dodgy blood sucking companies!

Septic1734d ago

And exaggerations are exaggerations!

Hicken1734d ago

And that's why I don't want an Xbox.

It can have all the games I could want on it, but if it's made by a company I can't stand, why the hell would I give them my money for it?

Folks don't seem to understand that. They call people fanboys because they're not just gonna give their money to whoever, just for the product. ESPECIALLY when it comes to something as optional as gaming, I let my wallet do as much talking as possible. Just a damn shame that most people can't be bothered to think beyond "It has what I want right now."

darthv721734d ago

@hicken, your reasons are your reasons and no one can take that away from you.

At the very least we can respect each other despite differing opinions. No need to belittle anyone who chooses to play something different. After all, their reasons are their reasons as well.

No harm, no foul.

sAVAge_bEaST1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Self Control, is crucial. Whether it be in the Ninja Arts, or Boycotting an Evil Empire.,, It's all the same.

(I Like to focus on the fact that they MoneyHatted, this game, In a back room Deal with EA)

{Dedi' Servers could have been done by Sony/EA- so don't even go there. xoner's}

MysticStrummer1734d ago

Most companies are dodgy and blood sucking to some extent, and all of us probably buy products from one or more of them without thinking too much about it, but many consumers have at least one company or organization that they hesitate to give money to for one reason or another.

Those negative feelings could be because of bad experiences with their products, business practices a consumer doesn't like, finding out that the company in question gives money to or otherwise endorses political ideas and/or parties that the consumer finds repellent, or any other personal reason you can probably think of.

I've always said there were XB games I'd love to play and that I have nothing against the XB platform itself, but MS is one of those companies for me and like darth said, my reasons are mine. MS is such a pervasive company that it's hard to completely avoid giving them money from time to time, but I avoid it as much as possible.

Ra30301734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

See,,,,now this guy gets it. And by this guy I mean DeadRabbits. Sure the Xbox brand has good games in fact they have great games. But there's one fact you can't make go away with those great games and that's for each and everyone of them come attached with it the evil that no matter what you do you can't wash it out, you can't wish it out, you just can't get the Microsoft out of it. I don't have the issues that the author of the article has as I was a Xbot for many years. And have found Microsoft and the evil that they do goes on and on.

christocolus1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Gozer1734d ago

@DeadRabbits,Hicken,Mysticstru mmer,sAVAge_bEaST, and Ra3030

MS isn't any more evil than sony. Do you remember the rootkit virus that infected any sony music users computer? What about how sony wanted people to work 2 jobs to buy a ps3? What about how sony called americans cheap? What about how they bold faced lied about the Killzone cgi, calling it gameplay? What company put a $600 price on their console, even though the Cell and Blu-ray were in house products?

Im not trying to be hard on sony, Im just pointing out that MS isn't any more evil than sony. So you guys really cant hate MS without looking like hypocrites.

nosferatuzodd1734d ago

lol its funny how you never see any Xbox fan boy go out there way to say oh ps game is great or buy a ps system to play games but all the time you see some so called play station fan boy saying how much he put his ps down to play some Xbox game, something just doesn't smell right..

They know if they say im a an Xbox fanboy buy an Xbox to play titan fall no one would listen so now they pretend to be a playstation fan lol i can easily play the game on pc doesn't see why i should buy this game burning money on a Xbox1 doesn't make any sense

H0RSE1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

"{Dedi' Servers could have been done by Sony/EA- so don't even go there. xoner's} "

- Yeah, and we all know how well that works out...Battlefield....Sim City....

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n4rc1734d ago

Sad you have 17 disagrees.. Must have hit a nerve Lol

Well said

hankmoody1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Denying yourself the enjoyment, not to mention the sheer convenience you get from owning multiple consoles is something that doesn't make any sense to me. The PS3 for example was a console that didn't necessarily appeal to me but after I purchased it, I realized how much less stressful it was to have my bases covered by not having to miss out on anything I really wanted to play. As much as I love my Xbox 360, missing out on games like Shadow of the Colossus HD and The Last of Us is something I thankfully didn't have to do.

Unreal011734d ago


A great post +1

It's nice to see there's some real gamers around still who appreciate every kind of game regardless of platform.

christocolus1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Well said Sir..very well said.

QuickdrawMcgraw1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Irish's holier then thou preachy rant is just a little to much...I have my reason's for not supporting MS...And they are valid reasons(to me)...I know longer just blindly believe everything MS promises...Maybe I will change my mind in 4 or 5 years time when I see a track record of MS actually supporting the Xbone with all the exclusives they are promising...And not just abandoning the Xbone to 3rd party games....And this is just one reason I have to abandon the Xbox brand...MS took my hard earned $$$ and has let me down...And did not deliver what I expected while Sony did...So I will continue to talk up one and talk down the other...

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