Titanfall: Time To Perform For Xbox One And Azure

Respawn is Microsoft's great hope - and launch can't be mired in tech issues. It's no exaggeration to say that this is the biggest week for Microsoft's gaming hopes since the launch of Xbox One late last year. Lagging behind sales of Sony's PS4 far more significantly than the company would have hoped, the console has one opportunity to redress the imbalance before the gap really starts to grow.

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Oppai1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

And this is the problem for Microsoft foolishly coming up with the 'teh Cloud' damage control. It might have given some hardcore Xbox fans something to cling to as just how huge the power advantage the PS4 had over the XB1.

But with a game like Titanfall claiming to only be possible with 'teh Cloud' you have:

A game with an outdated graphics engine
Sub next gen resolution
Dumb AI
Low player counts

Microsoft just ends up looking more ridiculous for trying to hype a game with such across the board failings. There is absolutely nothing in Titanfall that any gamer is asking 'Wow! How is the XB1 doing THAT!'

christocolus1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Except that its so much fun that people are willing to go out there and buy an xbx one just to play it...dude it may not make the case for graphics but are you saying respawn and ms have been lying about the infrastructure that powers the game? 6 vs 6 was respawns choice as well as the engine used to build the game.

As time goes by, more games will utilize the Azure platform, forza 5 and TF are just a start. Fable legends, halo5 , Sunset Overdrive and other third party ips will use it in various i said this is just a start.

The game may not be reveolutionary but its a step, its amazingly fun and very addictive .it may not win best graphics either but its definitly proving to be capable of holding its own among gamers and critics alike...thats the bottom line.

Razjin1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

You do know this is on pc as well as 360 because by what you're saying by it being fun is that it shouldn't matter what platform i play it on hence leading to the question if one should spend $500 dollars for a system to play a game I could just spend $60 or depending on the edition you buy for a 360 I already have or can purchase for the low. Then I could either spend around $200 or more to upgrade my average pc since nvidia came out with a $150+ card to play the game at decent settings. So to conclude this there would be no point to buy an Xbox One. A logic so simple any consumer could comprehend.

ger23961734d ago

But in way is it a reason to buy a Xbox one to play it. I think people are going to be surprised at how close the 360 version will compare to the Xbox one version.

suicidalblues1734d ago

@ christoculus

"The game may not be revolutionary"

You said it yourself. Now I'm not knocking the game play, I haven't played it. But all this BS about only possible on xbone really makes MS look like they think their customers are sheep.

Are you a sheep?

OpieWinston1734d ago


All customers are sheeps...Have you seen the average intelligence of these PS4 fanboys? 90% of them have literally no idea what they're talking about and think that because Mark Cerney says must be right. It's like the blind Carmack fans...Carmack used to be a creative genius...but look at what he's done to ID. It's a dead company that he left and went to work on VR gaming even though he has lost his creativity and is just good at coding.

Point is...The general consumer basis is sheeps, you've got to herd them into purchases or else you'll spook them.


If you're watching Titanfall on compressed youtube videos...Yeah it'll look similar but I've played the game on X1 and PC max settings 60-90 FPS. X1 has got a lot more detail put into it's port. Which is kind of funny but when you're looking at the rough details of Titanfall you'll be impressed...Especially when looking at the artwork of the game.

So i say...picking up an X1 for Titanfall is something people won't regret because it's nearly impossible to put down if you've got a remote interest in shooters. My friends who despise shooters play the game and enjoy it a lot mainly because of the parkour and mobility.

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medman1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Right on the money. Every feature the xbone touted as a strength isn't showing up in the games. Drivatars? Really? 6v6, no destruction in the environment, multiplayer only, 60fps that sometimes drops INTO THE SINGLE DIGITS!!!, bots as dumb as rocks, suboptimal hd resolution, etc. etc. etc. If that is your definition of next gen and cloud power, I'll pass thank you. Clooouuuddzzz indeed. The funny thing is just how gullible so many people are and they actually believed that horsesh#t. Some still believe it. You have to laugh.

Ausbo1734d ago

If you think titanfall goes into the single digits, you need your eyes checked. Smooth as butter for me.

dont even talk about this game cause you obviously haven't played it

avidgamer11734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@oppai. While most of your points are valid criticisms of the game, can you explain to me how a developer's choice of low player count have anything to do with the XBox One console? There could have been a myriad of reasons why this player count was chosen, have you stopped to think how chaotic it would have been to have so many more players controlling so many more mechs and the size of the maps that could have been needed to accommodate the bigger player count. Also could it have been done because of the limitations of the 360? Who knows. But its unfair to blame low player count on a console when the decision was made by the developers.

On the other hand I do agree that choosing to release the game on multiple MS hardware have handicapped the potential success it could have influenced on the XBox One. Myself for example, while I agree that the PS4 has so far proven to be the more superior machine for multiplats, the ONLY game I wanted for next gen was Titanfall. The game alone would have promted me to get a next gen console right now except for one problem. News of the 360 or "purpose lack thereof" of news led me to believe I will have the same enjoyment on my 360. Why spend $500 for something I can spend $60 on now?

If I can enjoy titanfall on my 360 there is no need to go get a One. After that I have to ask myself, unless there is another must have game on the horizon that is xb One exclusive, why not go with the slightly more powerful ps4 for multiplats?

sinspirit1734d ago

It isn't chaotic when everyone has a mech. Everyone is equally matched and mechs aren't hard to deal with. They are underpowered and their attacks are pretty lame.

CharlesSwann1734d ago

Amazon sales chart make it clear titanfall is not selling that many bones. I hope they aren't going to try and blame titanfall for not moving consoles.

PhilJowns1734d ago

Azure works great as a dedicated server I get under 30 ping consistently. As for the AI apparently they lowered it to current level as it was too aggressive and ruined the game as the AI was killing everyone.

Razjin1734d ago

It's funny how i reply to a comment stating facts and I get disagrees??? seriously I give up on the fanboys who like this console so much.

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