What is the Future of Metroid?

Front Towards Gamer's Dylan Tierney takes a shot at the future of gaming's favorite bounty hunter.

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Benjaminkno1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I'm a bit perplexed as to why no-one has attempted to emulate the MP3 control scheme. That game is still ahead of its time, absolutely fantastic. It's a terrible irony it didn't break 1 million sold, as it is as revolutionary of a FPS as you can get. I played on advanced controls, which made it one of my favorite games to this day. Most gamers complaining about the Wii's visual capabilitie, (and there are millions of you) clearly haven't played this game. I thought that the Trilogy would come down in price, but it never will. Unlike many, I wasn't that enthralled by the first installation. Much like OoT, my expectations were too unrealistic. It was decent.

The gamepad is most ideal to provide a new take on the series. I'm sure the skeptics that are too ignorant to care, "would've" been pleased to play the new Metroid installment on the pro-controller. ... but yuck.. Nintendo??

Unfortunately, I'm feeling like the next Metroid game will be on 3ds... better to expect the worst I suppose.

DylanTierney1740d ago

For what it's worth, a lot could be done on the 3DS.

Konman721740d ago

I would kill for a 3DS Metroid game. Just as long as it doesn't replace or prevent a Win U one.

Sly-Lupin1740d ago

Nintendo seems to ave a real hard-on for 2D platformers these days, so my money is on "New Super Metroid U."

wonderfulmonkeyman1740d ago

I'm hoping that they'll stick to the Prime style for the next home-console Metroid, and use the 2D style for all future outings on handhelds.
That seems like a great combination to me, at least until Nintendo releases a more powerful handheld.