Xbox's big hope: Can Titanfall turn the tide on PlayStation?

Microsoft is going all out with this one. Although Xbox One sales, by most standards, have been fine – even excellent – it has fallen behind PlayStation 4. And the gap is wideneing.

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Oppai1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

We already know the answer to this question. No. The XB1 only sold about 100k more consoles in the US in February than January. That isn't going to do anything to stop the 1 million a month worldwide sales of the PS4. The PS4 is about 6.4 million worldwide and the XB1 is only around 3.4 million. The PS4 is expanding its lead by about 800k a month right now.

ArchangelMike1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

There will naturally be Peaks and toughs in hardware sales alongside significant software releases. But this affects both consoles. XbOne sales will naturally peak with the release of Titanfall, meanwhile PS4 sales will also peak with Infamous.

There will again be a lul until E3 (I don't think Watchdogs will drive hardware sales), and then it'll be the holiday season (yay), when sales will again peak.

What can turn the tide? E3 and the fall games line up. Whoever has the stronger E3 showing will see a peak in hardware sales. Whoever has the better fall exclusive games line-up will also see a peak in hardware sales.

sonarus1734d ago

Actually I do think watch dogs will drive hardware sales. At such an early stage in console life cycle with very few worthwhile games, I will say any game exclusive or multiplatform has potential to drive hardware sales but obviously some to a greater degree than others. Both consoles need a more robust library in order to sustain steady sales

TomShoe1734d ago

It's going to take a lot mote than Titanfall for the XBO to catch up.

ArchangelMike1734d ago


The thing is, the hunger for games on each platform will be satiated by both Titanfall and Infamous. I really can't see anyone holding out for Watchdogs as their reason for getting a next-gen console. They would have been sold on either Titanfall or Infamous.

1734d ago
darthv721734d ago

XB1 doesnt need to turn the tide on anything. it just needs to stay the course and keep bringing games to its users.

Im a believer in coexistence rather than dominance through extinction.

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FriedGoat1734d ago

I went to my local GAME today to pick up darksouls, he said 11 people turned up to the midnight launch, THATS RIGHT 11. He went on to say that 2 more had picked it up today, i went in at 3PM 2 hours before closing. lol.

gamertk4211734d ago

There were about 80 at the Gamestop I went to. I know the manager and she said 4 were PC. Not quite call of duty numbers, but for a new console? Pretty damn good.

Thatguy-3101734d ago

Exactly plus take a look at Amazon. Ps4 shot straight to the top spot when it became available. Infamous second son is climbing the charts too while The xbox bundle with TF and the title itself is decreasing. This is just three days after it released. It's not going to tank but the hype that everyone was putting behind it will be little it. That's why people shouldn't hype anything especially a new IP because if it doesn't come close to the hype it will be seen as a fail.

ThePope1734d ago

Its also sold out most places. Just like when Infamous comes out it will fall after release, that's what happens.

And if you think that TF hasn't lived up to the hype, you're either a fanboy or not paying attention.

oof461734d ago

The only thing that will not only drive sales, but sustain them is a price cut. Microsoft needs to bite the bullet and sell the Xbox One at the same price as the PS4 as soon as possible.

But, that is not likely to happen.

Manic20141734d ago

Where did you get 6.4 mil? btw xb1 is 3.7mil.

Evilsnuggle1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

No doubt titinfall will help x1 sales. Because Microsoft was smart enough to hide and delay the 360 Version of Titanfall. It would have cut into sales because the 360 will be very similar to the x1 version of Titanfall. Just like COD ghost on x1 Was almost identical to the 360 version. When have you ever not seen any game that is released in two weeks from now not shown in public. No one has seen the 360 version of Titanfall but it's for sale in 2 weeks. The biggest problem is that Titanfall is not a console exclusive it will be on 360 and PC. Titanfall would have sold more x1 if it was a console exclusive. As soon as the 360 version of Titanfall is available for sale the x1 sales will Come tumbling down.

Sci0n1734d ago

That's messed up for the 360 users, microsoft sure does know how to alienate there fanbase.

PSVita1734d ago

Xbox could comeback at anytime people shouldn't be so cocky. Sales are great but that didn't make the PS3 any more or less of a system last gen and it doesn't make the XB1 this gen.

PS3 came back eventually and the Xb1 might comeback too.

Solitaryswordsman1734d ago

Took a while for Sonys ego to be reined in last gen and seems ms have had the wrong people in charge at the wrong time this gen.
Balls in their court now, the mass market awaits

mcstorm1734d ago

Your spot on. Any console could have a spike in sales. Who thought cod would be the biggest game of last gen or that GTA would be on the 360?

People seem to forget that this site only makes up a small % of gamers and are often Wong too. I remember when the 3ds and psv were announced and it was all doom and gloom about the 3ds and how Sony were going to become king of the handheld market. How wrong this site was. The same again when it was said about the Xbox one being a flop and the same with the ps3 at the stat of its life.

Markets change all the time and will always change that just part of life. As long as all 3 do well this gen I don't care which console sells the most as for me Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo make the industry exciting and all need each other in reality.

ifistbrowni1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I feel bad for anyone else (like me) who bought an Xbox One for TitanFall. I bought mine in January in anticipation for TitanFall and, to be honest, I had more fun with Dead Rising 3. TitanFall is just another shooter. I was hoping for some Halo 3-like fun.

I enjoyed the beta, but something has changed with retail. Maybe the abundance of "meh" maps or maybe it just got old, fast because after owning TitanFall for 3 days, i already wanna trade it in. I'm thinking Dark Souls 2 or South Park. Infamous is already paid off.

I know the Xbox One will have future games that i wanna play (Gears of War and hopefully the Halo 2 rumor is true). But, buying an Xbox One for TitanFall, this early, was kind of silly. I already had a ps4 to play most of the games available (and exclusives that i like most).

Another thing that irks me is, I could've saved $60 if i would've waited a couple weeks to see that there was going to be a TitanFall bundle. I didn't get anything with my XONE. Just a 2 day Xbox Live.

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GraveLord1734d ago

Looking at the sales charts.......I'd say no.
Xbone might sell PS4 for a few weeks or a month but I still see PS4 maintaining its lead.

gamernova1734d ago

There is no single game that grants victory to a console. While Titanfall is great, (I got it on PC) no single game defines a console.

ABizzel11734d ago

Pretty much this.

Halo did define the first Xbox.

But with 360 it was Halo, COD, Gears, Forza, and a good collections of exclusives and 3rd party games that made the 360.

No single game makes or breaks a console, because there are always hundreds if not thousands to chose from by the end of the generation.

That being said a single game franchise can be the reason people buy a console, but seeing how TitanFall is a new IP that's just now trying to prove itself, I don't see it happening.

Godmars2901734d ago

That its "turn the tide" and not "do as well as" says a lot about the game community.

Hicken1734d ago

I'd say it says a lot about the author more than anything.

corvusmd1734d ago

If Titanfall was XB1's ONLY great game then no....but it's just a really great one among others. So far the list of exclusives is definitely in XB1's favor, and the horizon looks to be much of the same.

Thatguy-3101734d ago

Quality over quantity. Infamous second son dwarfs any xbox one title by a mile from a technical stand point

76erz241734d ago

Out right now? yes. Ryse has some features that are superior but due to Ryse's limited nature Infamous is much more impressive being Open World. I think Halo 5 could blow people away though.

creatchee1734d ago

You can't play technical standpoints.

SniperControl1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Yep, that was proved with Ryse.

RoboticusRex1734d ago

Titanfall is not a xboxone exclusive. System sellers generally are only available on said system.

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