'Enemy Front' Will Not Be On Xbox One Or PS4, CI Games Tells Examiner Why Not

CI Games, the brains and brawn behind upcoming WWII shooter Enemy Front, addressed the reason for bringing their title to current gen consoles, and why you won’t find it on PS4 and Xbox One, in this Examiner exclusive.

Executive Producer Steve Hart told Examiner...

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Majin-vegeta1590d ago

This is one game i wished had been on PS4 :(.Oh well still getting it on PS3.

3-4-51588d ago

Can't wait to play. It's about time somebody went back to WW2.

XiSasukeUchiha1589d ago

Oh well PS3 is it accepting is easier than i thought!

josephayal1589d ago

this sounds to good to be true

Salooh1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Their lost -.- ...
To people who will buy this in last gen consoles , it will not look like that . Don't want you to be disappointed ^^ . Buy it for it's gameplay or story...

1589d ago
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