The Best Gaming Headset of 2014

Unigamesity writes: "Gaming without wearing a great gaming headset is an incomplete experience. You might have the best surround sound system in the world, but if you game without a headset, you haven’t experienced gaming yet. So we’ve decided to go through hundreds of great and not so great gaming headsets available on the market and select for you the cream of the crop: the 5 best gaming headsets of 2014."

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admiralvic1734d ago

Isn't it extremely early to do a "best of 2014" article? It's March and we have 8+ more months of headsets coming out and features being added. Especially since we tend to see new lines around Fall / Winter.

WolfLeBlack1734d ago

Yeah, the article really should be the "Best Headsets of 2014 So Far."

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1734d ago

Sorry IMO the best headset is the pulse elite. Dat rumble.

NeoTribe1734d ago

Dat rumble noboday cares about.

CriticalHit1733d ago

I agree, it is a great headset. It offers a lot of great stuff for it's price. It sounds good (a lot of bass, which I love), it has surrond sound, it's built well, it works with basicly everything and it has the Bass Impact. And NeoTribe, people do care about it. I have to agree, it doesn't work well with every game, but it works great with shooters for example. I wouldn't use it for games like God of War because of the music, but it works surprisingly well with some games you wouldn't expect it to. Try it with Southpark: The Stick of Truth or search for some gameplay on youtube, put it on it's game-mode and turn the Bass Impact all the way up, you will be pleasantly surprised. Anyway, going back to what I wanted to say. I think the Pulse Elite is a great headset but it hasn't come out in 2014.

No_Limit1734d ago

Astro A50/40 is the best headset every year until the A60 is out.

Elwenil1734d ago

But the A50 is not true surround sound. It only uses single 40mm drivers. I am tired of all these ridiculously expensive headsets with muddy sounding "virtual" surround sound.

Volkama1734d ago

Yup I have a few headsets, and the razer Tiamat is by far my favourite. High barrier for entry, but true 7.1 when you get there.

Astros have better bass than Tiamat, so they still have there uses where positional surround isn't so important a quality.

medman1733d ago

My vote goes to the Steel Series H wireless. It's pretty damn awesome.

KERV0RKIAN1734d ago

Astro is nothing but quality I've own a30,a40,and a50 bf4 edition and I can say Astros are expensive but the best quality and durability headset there is out there hands down!!

T21734d ago

Uhhh headsets are great for that privacy and intimate experience but saying "I don't care what kind of surround you have " is pretty naive.
If you think those cans compete with a 10 sub, four 8 drivers, 2 6 drivers, 4 tweeters, plus a center bar then you are the one missing out. Hearing a tank like that in battlefield is a whole new experience... I don't know why anyone would try to put 300 bucks up against 1-2k anyway but they weren't my words

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The story is too old to be commented.