Metal Gear Solid Changed Character Development

TheGamingExperience says: "There are a lot of things I can associate with Metal Gear Solid that can still bring chills to my bones. If there has been one thing prevalent more within the MGS arch, it is that they sure as hell know how to develop a character for both good and bad. "

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ArchangelMike1740d ago

The character development of the MGS cast has taken place over the course of the 4 games. Kojima-San has really done well to give his main characters depth. Fans of the series would have seen how the different charaters have grown and evoled since Snake Eater. I like the way Kojima links the various characters through the different games.

TheGamingExperience1740d ago

While yea you have a point, in the first one though is where I believe we had the most in terms of character growth / development.