Xbox One live streaming is better than PS4, not yet perfect

Max Parker of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tested out the Xbox One's integrated streaming capabilities. Here are the results.

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B1uBurneR1739d ago

Now that it's better. . It's just against been perfect. When it's already perfect the way it is. I guess people will always find a way to downplay the system

cleft51739d ago

The difference between the two apps is that the Xbox Live app was designed by Twitch, whereas the PS4 app was designed by Sony. The trade off to this is that the PS4 app went live at the launch of the console, but the Xbox Live app went live later on after Twitch was able to integrate the app well with the Xbox One.

This meant that the Xbox Live app is better because it is design to function with Twitch as oppose to being just a portal for Microsoft content. For instance, you can see emotes and faces in the Xbox Live app. Also, the chat is design to work well with Twitch and the camera is position better as well. This happened because Twitch made this app. On the other hand Sony's Twitch app acts more like a portal for their content than anything else.

I am sure that Sony will update their app, especially now that the Xbox Live app is better, but for the moment the Xbox Live app is better.

Blacksand11739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Ok we know why.

The X1 is a cable box first, then gaming.

The PS4 is a gaming console, not something to watch T.V on.

Gozer1739d ago

The only problem with what you said is that the X1 also plays great games. The X1 is an all in one device that connects your living room into one device. The ps4 doesn't offer much of anything in that regard. Both systems play games one just has more functionality than the other.

Blacksand11738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I know. I have a cable box already to watch T.V on Fios, I just won't to play games. X1 is a good console with nice games but not for me. The cable part is the reason X1 is have a hard time running at 1080p. My Fios box run at 720p reg. channels and 1080p on the HD channels.

ShadowKingx1738d ago

have to agree with cleft, i have noticed when streaming and checking out my own stream its pixelated when playing warframe. i am ruling out my net because i have 30 down and 5 up, at least i think its not my net according to those speeds, i cannot really seem to figure if theirs a way to improve that or not, open to any advice for someone who does not have that problem. its fine when im standing still, but as soon as i start fighting it become pixelated.

but right now xbox one twitch streaming is better atm.

GameGuyPGH1737d ago

@bigdaddy4247, It could be your upload speed. Stream quality is all about upload. I've read about streaming problems with anything under 15 mbps upload.

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yarbie10001739d ago

Instead of wanting options to go higher than 100% volume on voice - simply go into your options in the game and lower the master volume there.

Fixay1739d ago

I do have to say that when I try to watch PS4 live streams etc the quality is often terrible!

I don't understand that when I watch these livestreams from my PS4 the quality is often bad, but when I watch the same stream from my laptop the quality is much MUCH better?

I do hope the twitch app gets updated to improve it somehow

hkgamer1738d ago

well not really a twitch app, its more a playstation livestream app. The quality is very poor though, they need to improve on that aswell as GUI options.

lets_go_gunners1739d ago

It's still weird playing KI then mid match hearing some guy say "Xbox Broadcast".....

CharlesSwann1739d ago

That is what happens when the OS sets aside more resources for background apps. Personally, I want as much power available for the game developer. People see the candy but don't know the price is paid. With hardware, a price is always paid.

No_Limit1739d ago

You do know that the PS4 reserve 3.5gb of memory to the OS while the XB1 is 3gb allocated to the OS, right?

JP13691739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Why would you go back all the way to July of last year to prove yourself wrong when you could have gotten the correct answer directly from Naughty Dog last week? They're using 5GB for games. At this point it sounds like both systems use 3GB for OS functions with improvements likely to be made. However, the Bone will have more work ahead, as there are more features to account for.

Volkama1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Why do you assume the One will have a harder time with OS resources? The 360 handled more OS tasks than the ps3 with a smaller memory footprint. OSs are kind of what MS do.

They seem pretty much on parr with each other at the moment. That'll probably remain true with both getting better at a similar rate, unless one of them adds a real significant resource hungry additional feature from this point.

It's still weird that both consoles reserve/demand more memory than a full blown Windows OS though.

iceman061739d ago

Actually, it's what happens when Twitch designs the app for you. Sony, wanting to have streaming available on day one, went ahead and did it themselves. It was a trade off. Now, Twitch has said that they are helping to improve both services.

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