Wii Sports Club Golf on Wii U gets 9 new holes

Free update adds holes from Wii Sports Resort.

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Neonridr1738d ago

read the full story?? There is no more story, what you read above is all there is, lol.

That being said, glad they added more holes.

higgins781738d ago

Look at the grass, seriously, look at it...lush! For those who haven't tried it, Wii Sports Club Golf is a much unappreciated experienced and extremely nuanced, much like most of what Nintendo delivers. Sure, it wont attract the bedroom trolls only interested in solitary experiences and semi-realistic graphics - violence also, it will however appeal to those feeling jaded with the recent 'blockbuster' releases.

WeAreLegion1738d ago

Sweet! I find it very relaxing, so another course will be nice. :)

MNGamer-N1737d ago

I thing the golf is a bit hard to control.. but I need to try playing it more. I like the 100 pin bowling. I was hoping they were going to announce a new game, but it looks like probably not.