Vietnam Company Released Solid Gold Flappy Bird, $1500 Starting Price

How popular is Flappy Bird? I believe you guys know that better than me. except the clone games, many vendors also release the game related products, such as ZowPow's stuffed toy Flappy Bird which can control the game and be used as vent tool. And recently, A Vietnam Company, N3D, make a solid gold Flappy Bird.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1734d ago

The person who ends up getting this should also probably invest in a gun...they know for what purpose already.

JohnathanACE1734d ago

Really? They had make a gold statue off of some stupid IOS game? At least the money used from the auction seems like its going to a worthy cause. Wounder how much this thing will actually sell for. :/

spicelicka1734d ago

Isn't the bird trademarked by another company? there is also proof of an old browser game with the same asset.

GentlemenRUs1734d ago

Ahem... The guy who made the game trademarked/copyrighted it so this thing is breaking more then one law.