Xbox One Kinect irrelevant to core gamers at present, says Kinect Sports dev

Kinect Sports dev confesses he understands why core gamers can't see the relevance of the Xbox One Kinect.

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DawnOfDon1738d ago

I do not see a reason to have it other than getting around the UI

doolin_dalton1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Consumers clearly find gaming cameras relevant. I mean, look at the sales of the PS4 camera.

It's been sold out everywhere since launch. Gamestop raised the price because they know people will pay it. The PS4 camera sells for $100+ on Ebay.

What are all those people using their PS4 cameras for? Are there more quality games for the PS4 camera than there currently are for Kinect?

Godmars2901737d ago

The PS4's camera is an option and doesn't have the stank of the NSA hanging over it. Had unchecked time with Twitch streaming.

Maybe Twitch may help Kinect now that the XB1 can stream as well if not better, but MS is still following in Sony's wake. Anything they do to promote it isn't going to be as organic.

Christopher1737d ago

20% of PS4 gamers have bought cameras. Of course, they are highly relevant and should be forced on the other 80% who have opted to not buy it.

Yes, that's sarcasm right there.

OrangePowerz1737d ago

It's fine to have it optional so the people who want to use it can go out and buy one instead of forcing every person to buy one and pay extra no matter if they want or not.

I will buy an X1 once they unbundle the Kinect, as long as Kinect comes with it it's a no buy for me.

Bathyj1737d ago

Maybe people are more receptive to having a camera when it's their choice. Like anything I guess, no one wants their choice taken away.

DragonKnight1737d ago

Those that bought the PS4 camera did so for Playroom and streaming and of their own will.

No one chose Kinect and it's not being used for anything like the PS4's camera is.

This Xbox One dev is right.

D-riders1737d ago

Well your confusing sales with purpose. Kine ct sold like 20 mill and is still irrelevant .ps4 camera sells just show people want to do everything with the system. Not to play games with

1737d ago
Bernlock1737d ago

Not a single one of you actually used the kicect. Your opinions mean nothing

Army_of_Darkness1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

“If you look at the bigger picture, if you look at Xbox as an all-in-one offering for the living room, it has got to do triple A content, but it’s also got to be media player and offer games for a more casual audience as well. I think then the camera starts to make real sense.”

So what I'm getting is that they gave up on trying to sell kinect/ xbone to hardcore gamers and basically doing everything they can to convince casual gamers to buy it cause its a multimedia device... with voice command. oooooh. ahhhhh...

kopicha1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


already use it and end of the day it still means nothing but a gimmick. If you like to be blinded by something that is merely a gimmick at the end of the day, why should others who actually care about their games over some gimmick like you can't comment? So what is your point here? It seems your comment sounds even more worthless than those who actually not use it before. Because it is still irrelevant and really does not make games better in any sense.

denawayne1737d ago

The only people that complain about Kinect are those that haven't used it. Almost every post I read about those that own it are positive. Hmmm....

Christopher1737d ago

***The only people that complain about Kinect are those that haven't used it. Almost every post I read about those that own it are positive. Hmmm....***

I have used both the 360 and XBO Kinect devices. I do not like them. I especially do not like that, with XBO, it's take it or leave it.

NeoTribe1737d ago

People are buying the ps eye for streaming, not gaming. Thats why its the perfect non forced periphrial. Cheap and does the job. Than you gotmicrosoft trying to stuff a 200 dollar camera down your throat.

rainslacker1736d ago

The popularity of the PS Camera is due more to non-gaming applications than it is to the core gamer.

On Topic: Kinect was irrelevant last gen to the core gamer. It is irrelevant to the core gamer at present. And it is likely to remain irrelevant to the core gamer in the future unless some dev finds some revolutionary way to make it relevant. To date, MS has done a pretty piss-poor job of making it relevant to GAMING. I don't know why people expect that to change anytime soon.

Almost every peripheral is irrelevant even if included with the system. It didn't take long for Nintendo to come out with a "Pro" controller for the Wii to maintain a core presence.

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lelo1737d ago

"Xbox One Kinect irrelevant to core gamers at present, says Kinect Sports dev"

Not only core gamers, Kinect is irrelevant to nearly everyone.

Kinect is a addon hardly anybody wants, that's pushing X1's price way up.

XiSasukeUchiha1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Pretty much even devs are saying it's irreverent to core gaming, so it should of benn optional device for people who really want it!

stuna11738d ago

Research has already been done to back up claims that although fun for some to play dance/fitness titles, the machanics to do core games is just not there yet! When the first Kinects was announced, Microsoft touted it as being Revolutionary as well as Evolutionary, and it went on to be the fastest selling accessory in history, but being honest with oneself, how many of Microsoft claims came to fruition?

Now fast forward to now! We have an upgraded version of Kinects 2.0, supposedly with the processing hardware that was reported to have been taken out of the original Kinects, and now it has been tethered to the Xbox1 making for a somewhat limited experience without it, but Microsoft claims have totally switched to an entirely different focus of UI intergration and the use for gaming applications have been put on the back burner.

What wrong with that picture??? Kinects Sports should have launched with the Xbox1 day one! Specifically to add the illusion of value for having Kinects included in the package.

LexHazard791737d ago

That what I didnt get about the Kinect. I dont mind that its bundled. But why do it if you have no games for it! I would have released XB1 without it and then introduced Kinect 2.0 Kinect Sports bundle for $125-$150!

ShowGun9011737d ago

eh, thats not in their scheme of things. they're gonna make sure %100 of xbone oners have access to it, then start trying to convince (pay) developers to make exclusive content for kinect. i can see the press releases now: "these innovations are only possible with kinect!" however, what we'll get is half-baked flailing gestures that aren't needed, and aren't useful, and we (core gamers!) still wont be sold on it, 3 or 4 years from now... as for core gamers, gestures DONT work, touchscreens DONT work, voice commands DONT work! GIVE US BUTTONS OR GIVE US DEATH!!!

Bigpappy1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Way to take a comment and sensationalize it. He never said it is irrelevant to core gaming or gamers. He said it may seem that way initially. Content will be needed to change that perception.

Kinect is not there to attract core games to core games, it is there to add features and enable casual gamers to also have fun with the system. If you have it in the living room and want family to have fun too, Kinect will be the best way to do so in the very near future.

JoseV761737d ago

Man that was well said, I like kinect, adds for some funny moments.

Bathyj1737d ago

You're right, he did not say its irrelevant, he just said core gamers think it is.

But in my mind their opinion is kind of important. They are the majority of early adopters afterall , a demographic no console would sell more than 5 million units without. Casuals do not buy consoles at launch price. Core gamers are your bread and butter, at least in the beginning.

So if Kinect is not for core games or core gamers, why are they forced to pay for it when by your own admission, they don't need or want it?

Bigpappy1737d ago

Well, some core gamers, i.e. yours truly, just happen to have families too. I know that might be shocking for some merit who frequent the site, but many of us don't buy consoles solely for our personal use. They children are top achievers as school and don't often have a lot of time for gaming. When they do quick fun entertainment if what they mostly gravitate to.

I may not be the best example though, as I would have gotten Kinect even if it were not included.

Bathyj1737d ago

get off your high horse pappy. lots of gamers have kids. You are not unique.

the point is it should be your choice if you buy it or not. I'm not debating whether it has merit for some gamers. I'm not saying no one should be allowed to get it if they want it. I'm saying most don't, and therefore shouldn't have the burden.

saying everyone has to pay for it is like saying some people are diabetic so everyone has to take insulin shots. why would you take a shot if you didn't need it?

candoa1737d ago

if a company believe in a product who are you to tell them to change that. I don't like the trackpad and the lightbulb of the ps4 controller and guess what if I'm going to buy a ps4 i need to deal with it, because sony believe in those features. well if you don't like kinect and ms vision don't buy it.

I tell u if ms drop kinect ill trade in my xbox one because i don't want an under power ps4, thats the reason many of us bought the x1 because is different.

denawayne1737d ago

All I hear is that it should be one's choice to own a Kinect. Well, it isn't. Get over it. Is the Xbox that important to you (you meaning most posters in Xbox articles) that the Xbox be what you want it to be? Don't you own a PS4? Isn't that good enough? I mean, it is the most powerfulest, cheapest, bestest, most goodest console like ever made in like like forever, right? Jesus, I've yet to comment in a PS4 article because I can give a rats @$$ about it. You Sony people really need to question yourself why you care about the Xbox One so much. Oh, you're a former Xbox fan and you're sad because MS isn't doing what you want? Get over it. Seriously. Move on. She left. She's not going to change for you. That's all.

LexHazard791737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

You made some great points! But whats with the choice thing. Ok it comes with Kinect. But we already knew that from before the system was even launched that it was gonna be part of package!

There was a point in time where we thought Kinect was the only way to play with next gen Xbox until they showed a true controller(what a relief)! Yes they should have made a sku without Kinect for people like you! To me the overall package is great! Just not worth the $499 theyre asking for!

Also having Kinect sets it apart from and a few other things but you already know what those are! just not stating them!

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DragonKnight1737d ago

"Kinect is not there to attract core games to core games."

Meaning it's irrelevant to core gamers. You just whined about what the article did and then went and said the exact same thing anyway.

Funky Town_TX1737d ago

A console with a forced add-on witb no games for the add-on. WTF M$.

Tedakin1737d ago

Well I mean this one is coming, and some of the other games have used the add on pretty well like Dead Rising and Ryse.

zeuanimals1737d ago

Lol. No, they were gimmicky and often ruined the experience, especially if you have friends who like to troll you. Also, pressing the left bumper and then saying a command? Really? That could've been done with two button presses.

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