Is Battlefield 4 Pay To Win? - Conspiracy Theories By Kulprit008

Kulprit008 talks about the new battlefield 4 patch. He discusses if battlefield 4 is p2w by breaking game mechanics like the kill cam and giving the some of the new overpowered Naval Strike weapons early to Premium members only. Go check out Kulprit's video.

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sAVAge_bEaST1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

For sure, and it's complete and utter B$.. I can't stand the direction BF is headed, and this is coming from a Vet.

CoD is doing the same thing, With a new slightly Op weapon, along with each map pack.

Pay to keep up, it's so unfair for those that can't.

I think it started, accidentally, with bf3, as more of an added gift/gimmick, with only One map pack. but I can see it getting out of control, in the marketing sense.

KimoNoir1738d ago

Every weapon is useful and based on your needs. It all depends on the users application on specific maps.

Pros still use the older weapons such as the m416 and m16

Detoxx1738d ago

It's not P2W..

The best weapons/equipment are included in the base game.

WeedyOne1738d ago

They made it so that if you don't have premium than you level slower and pay more. Kinda sucks.