Is Rocksteady Wasting "Arkham Knight" On A New Villain?

Matt Randisi writes, "Everyone knows the major players in the criminal world that plagues Gotham City on a regular basis such as The Joker, Two-Face, and The Riddler; but it’s the homages and nods paid to some of the lesser known comic book antagonists, however minor they may be, that really made me feel good inside. In Asylum you see newspaper articles referring to Firefly alongside his flamethrower weapon. There is a prison cell with torn calendar pages which is the calling card of the oft overlooked baddie Calendar Man. While Arkham City involved several more villains that don’t normally see primetime in significant forms such as Deadshot and Hugo Strange, there are still those who could seriously run with the proverbial ball if given a shot in the mainstream."

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DanielGearSolid1733d ago

First of all the games usually have multiple villians, so there is a chance of some of the least popular ones getting in...

Secondly, every single villian has to start somewhere... This could be the birth of a legitimate new adversary in future comics and animations in the DC universe

NewMonday1733d ago

About time they make a new big villan

Last big one was Bane in the 90's

Scissorman821733d ago

I can't help but think of villains like Harley. She got her start on the Batman Animated series. And look what happened to her? It's hard not to consider her as a part of the Batman mythos now. Perhaps the same can be said for Arkham Knight one day.

XXXL1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I'd love the fact if we're getting something totally new. Do I think the Arkham Knight will be someone already established though- absolutely. Either way Rocksteady is awesome and this is my most anticipated game.

secretcode1733d ago

Nah. The more new content the better. Everything has to start somewhere.

maniacmayhem1733d ago

More than likely the villain will be someone we know as some sort of plot twist. I'll be highly upset if it turns out to be The Joker.

In Origins I was hoping Black Mask was the main villain...what a drag when they went back to the same formula and made Joker the main villain.

Scissorman821733d ago

No...just no. I get it: Joker is kind of a big deal for Bats. But enough. Joker be dead. And did you not see Joker being the big baddy for Origins? A part of me felt like they opted for a game that preceded the previous Arkham games JUST to put Joker back in the spotlight.

maniacmayhem1733d ago

I seriously thought it was going to be the Black mask, that's why I was upset when they took the easy road and went with the Joker.

I agree, enough of the Joker! He's becoming the safe, go to villain for Batman. He's a great character but he's being bogged down from over the top antics and also over exposure.