Celebrating an Epic Trailer with an Epic Sale

Grab It Magazine is reporting that 11 Bit Studios is celebrating the release of its new trailer but slashing the price on its last game, Anomaly 2.

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iosgamer1406d ago

Great game, totally worth picking up.

SlappingOysters1406d ago

They're showing off that new game next week at GDC, so should get a stack more info on it.

pandehz1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

What the?

Lured me with the Titanfall pic.


rdgneoz31406d ago

Yah, wrong picture to use. Completely different games / systems: smartphone / ipad reverse tower defemse vs xbone MP FPS.

iosgamer1406d ago

Apologies guys - I did a search on the internet for Anomaly 2 pic and that came up and since it is a tower defence game with mechs I didn't pick up on it. Really sorry it wasn't deliberate.

Eonjay1406d ago

Now you know how to get articles approved. Just add a pick of Titanfall.

iosgamer1406d ago

Very sorry Eonjay; it was an accident. Too much trust in showing the right pic