New Crazy Taxi announced - iOS and Android exclusive

GR-UK writes: "Sega's arcade racer gets new version on iOS and Android; series creator involved. Original free on mobile for limited time.

Sega's announced that a brand new game in the series, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, is being made exclusively for iOS and Android, and its creator Kenji Kanno, is behind the driving wheel. He's working with Sega mobile developer Hardlight Studios (Sonic Jump, Sonic Dash) on Crazy Taxi: City Rush, a title that's supposed to "capture the spirit" of the series."

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Hatsune-Miku1737d ago

I love crazy taxi and would love a new game on ps4. Hopefully one day soon crazy taxi will come to ps4 because I'd buy it day one

Tedakin1737d ago

New Crazy Taxi! YAAAYYYY ohh... mobile? Crap!

Ninjamonkey821737d ago

Giving my mobile an evil glare -_-.

PainUzumaki1737d ago

OMG I had this game on Dreamcast....What an addicting game. Hopefully a next gen version will come one day

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