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What I Don’t Want to See in a Zelda Game

ZI writes: " The Legend of a Zelda is a saga of formulas. Before we even start to play each game, we know more or less what we are going to find: multiple temples from where we have to retrieve powerful artifacts or rescue important people, exciting battles against colossal enemies at the end of each of them, very peculiar items to aid us on our journey through Hyrule... The good thing is that this franchise knows how to introduce just the right amount of innovation on each installment so that we'll feel that each adventure is a brand new one. And every time they succeed at this. We remember Wind Waker because of its sea travel, Majora's Mask because of the moon falling from the sky, Skyward Sword because of the sky world, and so on. These innovations are not only good, but they are what gives this saga its vitality, what makes each game so fun to play. The adventures, while being similar gameplay-wise, are never quite the same. We can all agree that these new mechanics are usually good. This article will be about the kind of innovations that I really hope never get included in the Zelda saga, for they could very well alienate the fanbase and make the experience less enjoyable." (3DS, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   535d ago
"made use of the motion controls, but I found myself sighing at the sight of an enemy—such as deku scrubs—and would rather avoid fighting than use the motion controls." - See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.co...

Who really enjoys fighting Deku Shrubs? Maybe the 1st time but not every time you pass through an area.

But I liked it the most in Skyward Sword (once I got the mechanics) blocking with the shield had never felt so satisfying.

I hope that Zelda U has Motion Control options or a SS Mode.

(it's the 80's)
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eaise  +   535d ago
I didn't have a problem with the motion controls either, but IMO they should do away with them for Zelda U and focus on using the gamepad to its full potential. And even though I could use the motion controls I honestly prefer to use buttons.
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kalebninja  +   535d ago
what I like is how skyward sword reveals that Zelda is post apocalyptic so they may at some point rediscover technology
Broburger  +   535d ago
I hate motion controls
XXXL  +   535d ago
Yeah they suck.
Broburger  +   535d ago
and the idiots that like them (disagrees) suck even more
SteamPowered  +   535d ago
They should get away from cell shaded kiddy graphics as well. Give us an adult link. With some voice overs! Hearing him grunt or sigh for every response gets annoying.
I do think we can ditch the motion controls for this one as well.
KonsoruMasuta  +   535d ago
I agree that they should kid rid of the cell shaded graphics but a full on adult link is a no. Link shouldn't be that old, late teens at best, the oldest is 18 or 19.

Also, Link should remain mute.
Cobra951  +   535d ago
"Twilight Princess was fun at first, but when you had to slash your way by moving the controller throughout the whole game, you just ended motioning it with resignation more than enthusiasm."

That's because you played the *wrong* version of Twilight Princess. The correct version is on a Gamecube disc, which can be played with progressive-scan display on your Wii. This true version even has the correct orientation for Hyrule and features a properly left-handed Link. The mirrored travesty with slapped-on waggle on the Wii can die a dull death, for all I care.

As for Skyward Sword, I tend to agree with you. Motion controls were more of a chore than a benefit, and I longed for a good double joypad much of the time.
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higgins78  +   535d ago
Rubbish, absolute rubbish! Yes, games before Skyward Sword used the different joypads in interesting and innovative ways BUT, after playing Skyward Sword I cant imagine going back to button-mashing. Surely the future for Zelda is 1:1 motion control perfected and polished, not that Skyward Sword did anything wrong in my opinion its just Nintendo always appear capable of improving on perfection.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   535d ago
God I wish I burned that three hundred and fifty dollars than buy that head ache that some people call the Nintendo Wii U. Where has Nintendo quality and durability gone? My game pad wouldn't work beyond three inches of the console. I called up Nintendo and they said it was one hundred and eighty five dollars to repair. They didn't know what was wrong with it. They just knew how much it would cost to fix. What a joke. If you look at my comments you'll find literally hundreds of comments extolling the great virtues of Nintendo and their products. Today I feel like actually throwing up. I actually believed Nintendo respected their customers boy was I wrong.

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