MLB 14: The Show Trailer – PS4 version given May 6 release date in US

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sdozzo1590d ago

Little late this time around but they have a great track record. Hopefully, it's for the best.

OwnageDC6501590d ago

May 6th? Geezus... must buy regardless for me. Here's to hoping it ends up being awesome...

Lou Ferrigno1590d ago

woohoo, many broken controllers have come through these games lol..
Kinda scared about this one, I need some type of metal armor for my DS4 this time around ha..
Can't wait for this, so stoked.. EXTREMELY fun (and stressful) games for sure :)

No_Limit1590d ago

May 6th? That is over a month past Opening Day. Oh well, still buying it as I love the series.

sigfredod1590d ago

you can get it on april on the PS3

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