8 Reasons The Sega Genesis And NES Were The Best Consoles Ever

Escapist: Everyone loves the current generations of consoles. Many have had the Xbox 360 for years. And yet, today, I propose that the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Entertainment System were the best consoles in the history of gaming. So buckle up, because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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Snookies121734d ago

My favorite is the SNES. It had so many masterpieces on it...

3-4-51734d ago

NES/Sega Genesis & SNES are all in their own category.

N64 is on it's own and same with PS1.

After that, they all start to blend together a bit.

* Game Genie helped too

RollinThunder1734d ago

Wow, I forgot about Jurassic Park on Genesis. Tazer was pretty awesome for toasting dinos! Oh memories.

InTheZoneAC1734d ago

genesis was ok, I never thought of it as a good console, just a few good exclusives but the system was highly overrated.

Seemed like all my friends always had the "lesser" system. Didn't know what they were missing out on the SNES. Same with PS2 when most of them had xbox. Same with ps3 when most had's like why are you even picking that one?