Final Fantasy XIV Update 2.2 Gets New Trailer; Boasts 1.8 Million Adventurers Worldwide

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players are going to enjoy the new content update “Through the Maelstorm” later this month, and today Square Enix released a spectacular trailer highlighting its new features.

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AmkOwns1736d ago

Still don't get the business practice on this game,
i mean $60 for the Disc and then pay another $15 monthly to play it.


Abriael1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

That's what the best MMORPGs did since Ultima Online.

You pay $15 monthly because the developer gives you a whole game (or more) worth of content every 3 months.

It isn't rocket science really. or maybe you think they should give you the content for free because you're cute and ask (not) very nicely?

MRMagoo1231736d ago

they really give you a whole games worth of content every 3 months ? which MMO have i been playing then, wow doesnt do that, rift doesnt do that, gw2 doesnt do that.

OT 1.8 million world wide huh ? so only another 5 million to go to catch up to wow on its last legs lol.

Abriael1736d ago

The latest content patch, three months ago, lasted me about 30 hours, and I'm still not done with it.

That's more than most games' worth of content.

rdgneoz31736d ago

@MRMagoo123 GW2 doesn't have a monthly subscription... You just pay for the game and can play as much as you want, and they have new content patches every few weeks to month or so. Nothing too huge.

LoneWolf0191736d ago

its 40 for the basic disk. Do your homework before you start complaining lol

Milruka1736d ago

actually it's 29.99 USD.

Jihaad_cpt1736d ago

It's cool if it's to rich for your blood.

KonsoruMasuta1736d ago

It's not $60 for the disk, it's 30.

Jubez1871736d ago

Continuously play, continuously get more content. You need to take a business course if you think the business practice of: "make more game for 0 marginal benefit" is a great idea.

allgamespc20121736d ago

and its still a huge success compared to other mmos thats are free to play or say theyre better. one of the best mmos to come in years.

AmkOwns1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

From where i am it's $60.

i don't care if it's free 2 play or not. Just don't wanna pay additional fee's
i'd understand if it was a DLC practice.

but i bet there's only under 300k players active or lower

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fonduktoe1736d ago

Such a gorgeous game. Can't wait for April 14!!

NeoTribe1736d ago

I kinda enjoyed the beta.

vikingland11736d ago

I can see myself getting lost in this game (in the good way). I played the beta on my PS4 and really enjoyed it.

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