Bravely Default sells 200k in the US, Outsells LR:FFXII

Bravely Default sells 200k in the US, Outsells LR:FFXII

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Geobros1590d ago

This is not surprise me, the game looks much better than LR: FF...

gaffyh1590d ago

It's multiple times better than FF13 probably

erathaol1590d ago

Bravely Defualt is a fun traditional JRPG, its hard not to like it.

dark-kyon1590d ago

first final fantasy x-x2 outsell waifu return in japan now this,square enix when you gonna listen what your fans want.i am proud of gamers,i prefer what square enix die if they want to keep ruining my favorite franchises.

rextraordinaire1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

... Bravely Default was made by Square-Enix.

So because you don't like one game in their library, you want them to completely stop? You're aware that there would never have been a Bravely Default game to start with if S-E didn't make money from it's staple Final Fantasy franchise?

Do you have any idea what you're saying?

Chrono1590d ago

Waifus, huh?
*looks at his avatar*

Blacklash931590d ago

Good. Hopefully Square Enix gets the message that people are more interested in them going back to their roots than the botched, dragged experiment that was the FFXIII trilogy.

At the very least, this makes the US getting Bravely Second (the sequel to Bravely Default) very likely.

DCfan1590d ago

I liked the XIII trilogy...

rextraordinaire1590d ago

Me too. All 3 games.

I tried Bravely default and... well, meh, as far as turn based RPGs go, I still prefer Persona or the Atelier series.

Lovable1590d ago

I concur with rlacorne

Elda1590d ago

I loved XIII,disappointed with XIII-2,so far I'm having fun with Lightning Returns.

jonboi241590d ago

I kinda like the first 2 XIII games as well. Still finishing the XIII-2 before playing Lightning Returns. I just hated the stupid linearity of the first game which were somewhat fixed in the second game. For god sakes I hated Vanille and Hope.

DCfan1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Hope actually got better as he got his "Edoleon" or whatever.
My main gripe with FFXIII was how it was too easy if you got your party's roles maxed up, its also annoying how they lock you from leveling up. and that was that.

kingdip901590d ago

Hopefully square takes the hint that there is a market for traditional jrpg's and we see more of them on both handheld and consoles. Bravely default is a fun game and deserves the sales.

jonboi241590d ago

Bravery Default game is an awesome but that second half tho?!? Damn that was just repetive and just lazy game design. I want the sequel so bad tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.