Australian Titanfall servers are now live

Stevivor - "Respawn's Vince Zampella has just announced on Twitter that the Australian servers for Titanfall are now live."

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Iamnemesis48801738d ago

Perfect no more trying to get a server from south east asia and get very low signal just in time but how come the server was not up and running before hand each country needs there own servers to get the best connection.

annus1738d ago

The Azure servers weren't finished being built in Australia yet, it's just lucky that they were done nearly on time for the release.

ArbitorChief1738d ago

Sweet! I'm on Titanfall now testing these Auzzie servers, can't wait for dat low ping

Tedakin1738d ago

Have a goodday, mates!

^hilarious right?

Kiwi661738d ago

your supposed to say "g'day mate put another shrimp on the barbie and crack open a cold one "
But seriously about time my Aussie neighbors got their own servers

jessupj1738d ago

I recommend you US players play one round on Aussie servers just so you can appreciate what we (among other countries) have to deal with in a lot of games :)