'Murdered: Soul Suspect' gets a new set of scary good screenshots

“Murdered: Soul Suspect” is working hard to prove its not like any other game on the Xbox One. On Thursday a new set of screenshots was released that show off the visual look and feel of the game.

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Muffins12231734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I don't want to say these are bull shots but from trailers the game does not look this good,the e3 build( looked even a little bit better maybe but the trailer here that came out a month ago does not look as nice as the screen shoots,maybe due to youtube compression:

The character model and a few other things don't look as nice as those screen shoots but I could be wrong(not just resolution and texture wise).

lemoncake1734d ago

This looks like an interesting game, will be keeping my eye on it but it could go either way, good, bad, or somewhere inbetween until we know more.

Rebo001733d ago

Definitely Josh Brolin!