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Jon of RGN writes, "From the team that created the Medal of Honor franchise as well as the Call of Duty series comes an Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC multiplayer online first person shooter set to change the game. There may be those who wonder what makes Titanfall so special. From the beginning this title has been extremely hyped by the media and press and subsequently anybody who got their hands on it during the Alpha and Beta testing. I’m here to tell you why no matter what you think about the game, throw away your pre-conceived notions of what it might be and listen to the analysis of a shooting game fan who has been around since the invention of the genre. I’m here to provide just such an analysis for you in this Review.

Players take the role of Marcus Graves working with ‘Spyglass’ and the IMC. There’s also a Militia campaign giving players the other side of the coin in terms of the game’s major events. Throughout the game’s campaign players earn the ability to unlock new Titan class mechs to do combat in."

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