This She Kratos Cosplay Rules Them All

Kratos is the main character and the most popular character from Sony Santa Monica’s God of War video game series. He is widely recognized for his rippling muscles and distinctive body paint. He is the epitome of masculinity and power in the world of God of War, and really in any video game. He is a Spartan warrior, later revealed to be a demigod, who finds himself involuntarily thrust into adventures that could possibly change his fate- eventually resulting in him becoming the God of War.

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Batnut001712d ago

Well, this is awesome and she could stab me anytime.

Muffins12231712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Or you could stab her ;)

You know....stab her with your penis

SolidGear31712d ago

This guy over here.. lol :3

Agent_00_Revan1712d ago

Very nice! And that's dedication to the part to shave half her head. Bravo!