Why You're (Probably) Wrong About Elder Scrolls Online

You might consider yourself to be an industry expert, capable of producing meaningful predictions and condemning games before they even release, but the author of this article highly doubts that this is the case.

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MaxwellBuddha1713d ago

Bethesda can bury their head in the sand all they want, but this game is going fail HARD, and EVERYONE knows it.

RAAMzilla1712d ago

What's most frustrating to Me about this whole ESO show is that I just want to want it. I want to feel like I need this game. As a rather passionate Elder Scrolls fan, it alarms Me greatly to find that I'm disinterested in this title. The pay model just kills it for Me, it's such an outdated and unpopular approach.

DanteVFenris6661712d ago

I NEED IT. And in passionate for the elder scrolls series. Mixing an mom with elderscrolls is heaven. You can literally play skyrim online. Except it's all of tamriel. Mmos and constantly updated with new features and new content. Plus server costs. That's where your money is going people. Play some wow, experience that sensation and maybe you'll understand why people want this. It's a super upgrade from wow. I'm ready for this game! They kept pretty close to skyrim to which makes it even better. Yes the graphics are worst... With hundreds of players on screen at once...

DanteVFenris6661712d ago

Well I'll be playing it and supported it for years. As well as many mmo players. Lots are waiting for this and will go off their current mmo for this. Just because you want it to fail, god knows why, doesn't mean it will.